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VIDEO: Producing organic grass-fed beef and lamb for decades

The Shackleton family farm 320-acres and having been providing organic grass-fed beef and lamb to their customers since 1996.

VIDEO: 80-suckler cow herd and tillage and forestry enterprise on 300-acres

Stephen Morrison is a full-time farmer with an 80-cow suckler herd, taking all progeny to finish. He also has a tillage and forestry enterprise in place.

VIDEO: New John Deere TA550i cutting spring barley

Send your videos to – info@thatsfarming.com

VIDEO: Straw bales set alight in arson attack

Straw bales - arson attack - Scotland - Newton Farm - farming news

VIDEO: Prices up 5-10c/kg at Carnew

Report a report for Carnew's Mart's cattle, calf, sheep and dry cow sales held under the Covid-19 restrictions.

VIDEO: Watch out the vaccinator is in town!

Clodagh Hughes runs a sheep enterprise on the Monaghan/Louth border near Inniskeen; she is That’s Farming’s newest contributor and will provide an insight into her farm on a weekly basis.

VIDEO: 43 cows AI’d in one week on Newford Farm

Iarlaith Collins farm manager on Newford Suckler demonstration farm in Athenry gives a brief update on the breeding season so far on this earlier...

VIDEO: What will I gain from reseeding my land?

Reseeding - Eddie Gavin - Carlow - sowing grass - weed control - selecting fields - Teagasc

VIDEO: Sheep farming on Inishturk Island

Caroline Keane spoke to Eamon Heanue, a sheep farmer on the island of Inishturk, about life on the island and the farming practises he implements.

VIDEO: ‘I get some funny looks when people realise it’s a woman driving a tractor’

Daphne Scott is a sheep farmer who runs her own dog grooming and boarding business called Precious Pets

VIDEO: What is the 3-bucket system?

Disease prevention - lambing ewes - sterilising equipment

VIDEO: ‘Boycott buying foreign produce’ – farmer

VIDEO: Let foreign produce ‘rot on shelves’ – farmer
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‘Quad bikes and scramblers are not toys’

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Stronger weanling bulls a tougher sell at Castlerea Mart

“Good” numbers of stock turned out for Castlerea Mart's online-only sale under Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions, according to Brendan Egan. Store heifers met with a...

You are not a real mart-goer if you do not…

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