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VIDEO: High output/high input fully indoor robotic unit

Derek O’Halleran from Co Longford began milking in spring 2020 with one Lely A5 robot as part of a high output/input system. He opted for...

Video: A bull is not the most dangerous animal on your farm

Livestock safety tips Whether you work alone or as part of a team on a farm, safety when dealing with livestock is of utmost importance....

VIDEO: 2-robot farmer’s low-cost conversion to dairying

In spring 2019, Peter Anderson from County Kildare converted to a robotic milking system from suckling, installing a Lely A5 to milk 64 heifers...

VIDEO: ‘Grass 2021’ prep

‘Grass 2021’ prep featuring Fiat 100-90 rolling and New Holland TS90 spreading fertiliser in County Louth. You can find more tractor videos by clicking here. Send...

VIDEO: ‘They all calved in 6 weeks’ – new entrant on heat detection system

Liam Delaney from outside of Portlaoise in Co Laois was a new entrant to dairying in spring 2020 installing a Lely A5 robot. However, 12...

VIDEOS: Chlorine-free cleaning for milking plants & bulk tanks

Biocel Ltd, based at Little Island Cork, is fully supportive of the industry requirement to move to chlorine free-cleaning. The company has been supplying the...

VIDEO: Transitioning from miscanthus and veal to robotic dairying

Jack and Bill Madigan from Kilkenny ventured into dairying in spring 2020 with a Lely robot and Fleckvieh genetics. In this video, released by Lely...

VIDEO: How purchasing a suck calf at a mart shaped this young woman’s future

Suckler farmer and student, Sinead Conry from Co. Roscommon

VIDEO: Labour-saving calf rearing facilities

The dairy farmer intends to install a mechanical ventilation system this spring.

VIDEO: Twisted calf bed

VIDEO: Twisted calf bed

VIDEO: How to reduce the time interval between calving and going back in-calf

Anoestrus period - getting cows to come into heat - David Kenny - Teagasc Grange

VIDEO: Kiernan Milling steps up to Jerusalema Challenge

Staff at Kiernan Milling are among the latest to take on the Jerusalema Challenge, which has become a worldwide viral sensation, particularly in recent...
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