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Ways you can tell you study veterinary overseas

Your fellow vet students are like family; You have missed a flight home on more than one occasion; This often feels like the...

10 online mart memes you can relate to

Memes created using memecreatorapp.com 

Quiz: How well do you know Ewdenvale Ivor?

Quiz - Ewdenvale Ivor - Dovea Genetics - Limousin - AI bulls

QUIZ: How well do you know Knell?

Quiz - AI bull - NCBC - Moondharrig Knell - Limousin

QUIZ: Test your sheep price knowledge

Dowra mart sheep price quiz from Friday's sheep sale (May 1st)

QUIZ: Have you been following sheep prices?

Sheep prices quiz - How well do you know the latest sheep prices?

QUIZ: Who really knows their sheep prices?

Dowra mart - sheep quiz - sheep prices

Quiz: How much was paid for these sheep?

Mart Quiz - Sheep sale - Dowra Mart - sheep prices

QUIZ: What has been paid for sheep recently?

Prices and pictures from Dowra Mart's sheep sale on Friday, May 22nd.

QUIZ: What prices were paid for these sheep?

Sheep prices quiz from Dowra Mart's sheep sale on Friday, May 15th.
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