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Two tractor drivers stopped for towing unsecured loads of bales

Police across the waters in the UK brought two tractor drivers towing bales to a halt in recent days.

According to a spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team, neither of the operators had secured their load of bales.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said:

“A pair of tractors this time, neither having any load security, so nothing to prevent these 1-tonne bales coming off the trailer.”

“All loads, of whatever type, must be adequately secured. Drivers reported,” the spokesperson added.

Police’s action has sparked outrage among some members of the public on social media

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One said: “To be honest, farming is tough enough. A verbal warning and let them strap them down?”

Another said: “Guarantee, he wouldn’t have been travelling 600 meters between fields. Most of this lot are contractors, travelling all over the south-west.”

Another user posted: “They have really exaggerated the weight. They realistically weigh a max of 750kgs. So, say, it was a 13t load, those trailers will be suitable for 14-16t.”

Meanwhile, another said: “Lazy. Strapping down can be done easily and quick with a couple of guys.”

A user said: “1-tonne bales? I would be concerned with what he was hiding in the middle at the sort of weight. 600kgs max. I cannot argue with the lack of straps, though.”

Another argued that “these bales do not weigh 1 tonne, more like 300kgs and have you tried to push one off a trailer?”

“It is impossible. The load would not move. You are not experienced in this subject,” he added.

Woman (60s) hospitalised after car-tractor collision

Meanwhile, a woman (60s) has been hospitalised following a car-tractor RTC in the west of Ireland.

The two-vehicle crash occurred outside Ballinasloe on Wednesday afternoon shortly after 3:30 pm.

Confirming the news to That’s Farming, a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána, said:

“Gardaí attended a two-vehicle RTC involving a car and tractor that occurred at Clonbrock, Ahascragh, Ballinasloe, at approximately 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon (29/6/22). “

“A female in her 60s was taken to Portiuncula University Hospital to be treated for her injuries,” the spokesperson added.

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