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Want to improve heat detection this breeding season?

Agrify Solutions Ltd. has today, (Thursday, March 19th), relaunched The Tailpainter, a device which offers “better heat detection with less effort”. 

Agrify Solutions

The company was founded by farmer and AI technician, Liam O’Keefe, together with Phil Miesle and Ger O’Keefe. The firm was established to develop products that address everyday farming problems, such as heat detection.

Heat detection

Agrify Solutions outlined that effective heat detection is a critical part of farming and has been shown to be a key modulator of farm profitability. They also highlighted its importance for milk improvement and in the management of a herd’s carbon footprint.

Founder, Liam O’Keefe, said: “Tail painting has been around a long time but challenges include difficult, dangerous and time-consuming application, resulting in farmers not benefitting fully from tail paint as a method of heat detection.”

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“When a farmer misses a detection of heat it can cost an estimated €250, mostly for low milk production. If the farmer incorrectly schedules a cow for insemination, it could result in an empty cow for that season and ultimately the loss of that cow to the herd.”

Tail painting

A recent survey carried out by Teagasc and Agrify Solutions Ltd. indicates that 68% of Irish farmers use tail painting as a method of heat detection.

“Tail painting is the most reliable and proven method of heat detection when applied and managed correctly, whilst also offering the most cost-effective approach,” O’Keeffe concluded.


For more details on this product, click here.

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