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‘There is most likely to be a high incidence of liver fluke cases’

Liver fluke is a parasite that infects ruminant animals, writes Patricia Lynch, drystock advisor, Teagasc Westport. Influenced by climate, it mostly occurs during times of...

Break-even prices for bull beef finishers – Teagasc

Teagasc has released a series of beef budgets for winter finishing steers, weanling to beef (steers and heifers), store to beef (autumn to autumn)...

GP propose a phasing out of the live export of unweaned calves

The party wants to set a goal of a minimum target of 20,000 ha of afforestation per year over the next decade.

What impact does BEEP-S have on weaning calves?

Mícheál Kelly, B&T drystock adviser, Teagasc Galway/Clare writes about weaning, weaning and meal-feeding calves when a BEEP-S participant.

Current moisture deficits are ‘ominous reminder’ of 2018

Current Soil Moisture Deficits are an ominous reminder of the summer of 2018.

Choosing a concentrate type for finishing

Is there a difference between concentrate types i.e. standard beef mixes, “specials” (i.e. ingredient content specified) and home-mixed concentrates? asks Teagasc beef specialist, Aidan...

Covid-19’s effect on land prices will ‘probably depend on the duration of the crisis’

Covid-19's effect on land prices will 'probably depend on the duration of the crisis'

€50 million Beef Finisher Payment scheme – everything you need to know

Details of the Beef Finishers Payment (BFP) has been announced by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Dara Calleary T.D.

VIDEO: What will I gain from reseeding my land?

Reseeding - Eddie Gavin - Carlow - sowing grass - weed control - selecting fields - Teagasc

Farmers take discussion groups to Zoom

The rise of farming discussion groups on Zoom

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Major decline in number of southern cattle moving north for slaughter

Base quotes for-in spec U-3 grade prime cattle ranged from 354- 360p/kg across plants in Northern Ireland this week, according to the Livestock and...

‘Quad bikes and scramblers are not toys’

The RSA and An Garda Síochána have launched a new public awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of quad bikes and scramblers pose to...

Stronger weanling bulls a tougher sell at Castlerea Mart

“Good” numbers of stock turned out for Castlerea Mart's online-only sale under Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions, according to Brendan Egan. Store heifers met with a...

You are not a real mart-goer if you do not…

Own a pair of dealer boots; Wear a quilted jacket; Attend mart sales weekly; Talk about cattle prices every hour of the day; ...