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VIDEO: One of the world’s first hybrid barns

Bruce Dinnington’s farm is home to the “first hybrid barn” worldwide, according to Lely.

He has installed Lely Astronaut milking robots and incorporated grazing and a barn system to keep cows indoors during unfavourable weather conditions. “The challenge was to develop or design a barn that could handle both systems,” he explained.

Since making the switch to robotic milking 18-months ago, Bruce noted that his cows are “basically stress-free” which has had a positive impact on production, up to 5L extra during peak, and health traits. “Through the lack of stress, we have eliminated lame feet as cows are wandering in and out as they feel like it.”

“Fertility, conception rate and submission rates have increased and we have also seen significant benefits in the reduction of cell count and mastitis.”

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