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VIDEO: Suzanna Crampton

Suzanna Crampton has been chosen as Farming for Nature’s honorary ambassador for January 2020.

She has worked on the farm, which has been in the family for eight generations, for approximately twenty years.

She runs a flock of 30 ewes and followers on 12-acres near Bennetts Bridge, in Co. Kilkenny. The Zwartbles have access to a mixed sward with seventeen different species of grasses alone.

“I farm them for their meat and their wool, and one day, potentially also their milk. They were originally a dairy breed with delicious, sweet meat and very good wool.” she explained.

The Kilkenny native, who is also an author and photographer, designs blankets from the wool and sells these all over the world.

Regenerative farming

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Suzanna is passionate about regenerative farming and shares her stories with local, national and international audiences at various events and through social media.

“Regenerative farming is a form of farming – it is not organic or conventional but, it is dealing with farming with a multi-species sward – you have a variety of herbs and grasses.”

“When you are farming with nature and working with it, in its most productive, you don’t have the expense of the top-end of fertiliser or vet bills or dosing livestock.”

“It is a hugely beneficial, environmentally friendly, productive form of farming,” Suzanna concluded.

Photo: Celia Bartlett

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