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New entrant with 1 robot and Fleckvieh cows

New dairy entrant - veal enterprise - Jack Hahessy Madigan - Kilkenny Rosé Veal - Lely

‘I purchased my first-ever calf at the mart for €80’

Rebecca Ryan, 21, studied childcare after her Leaving Cert, but later studied a level 5 certificate in agriculture at Ballyhaise Agricultural College, before beginning a level 6 in dairy herd management.

VIDEO: Labour-saving calf rearing facilities

The dairy farmer intends to install a mechanical ventilation system this spring.

3,600 extra calf spaces per week to Cherbourg

3,600 extra calf spaces per week to Cherbourg

PHOTOS: What weight is this calf?

A large Simmental-cross calf was born on a dairy farm in Scotland last week.

Successfully achieving a 90% 6-week in-calf rate

The Fallons are milking 300 cows on two farms.

Cow gives birth to 104kg calf

The calf weighs 2kgs "over the world record".

VIDEO: How to reduce the time interval between calving and going back in-calf

Anoestrus period - getting cows to come into heat - David Kenny - Teagasc Grange

Calving heifers at 24 months – the benefits

In this article, CAFRE's Gavin Duffy discusses calving heifers at 24 months, the benefits, key targets and heifer rearing costs.   To maintain dairy herd size,...

Watch out for common illness in your calving herd

Leading on from our last article on calf housing, health, and management, we now look towards what farmers need to watch out for in...
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