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12 reasons why you should date a vet

That’s Farming’s version of why you should date a vet…

  1. They help to bring new life into the world in the form of calves, lambs and piglets;
  2. They are not afraid of hard work;
  3. They are trustworthy – They keep their word;
  4. They are passionate about their line of work and have an unrivalled interest in livestock – their expertise will be a valuable asset on your farm;
  5. They are exceptionally intelligent – completing a veterinary medicine degree is not a walk in the park;
  6. Things will never become repetitive or monotonous – veterinary never fails to spring surprises;
  7. They help to save lives and ease pain;
  8. They are not afraid of hardships or lows;
  9. They are reliable and patient – nothing baffles them as they work in what can be highly stressful and often difficult environments;
  10. They have thick skins – They deal with any amount of issues of all types and have a high tolerance for blood, sweat, tears, drool and mud;
  11. They are exceptionally talented and wear many hats – a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, surgeon and radiologist in one;
  12. Dates will never become repetitive or monotonous – not if they bring you on-call anyway!
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  • You become their unofficial vet assistant – particuarly for on-call mid-week nights and weekends
  • Your washing machine will be on overdrive – scrubs or no scrubs!
  • You get to know their clients as well as they do;
  • You are on a first-name basis with their work colleagues – fellow vets, vet nurses, support staff, office administrators and sales reps;
  • Weekends away after often replaced by weekends on call – particuarly during the throws of lambing and calving season;
  • There is no clocking out at 5 pm/6 pm – especially when on-call;
  • They work long, difficult and unpredictable hours.

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