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4 ways to reduce stress from cost-of-living crisis

CBD experts, Simply CBD, reveal some tips that will help encourage stress relaxation and a stress-free routine that you can implement into your weekly routine. 

The lingering stress of the cost-of-living crisis weighs heavily on the shoulders of many; it is bound to have an added impact on the stresses of everyday life. Therefore, people up and down the country are looking for tips and tricks to ease and eliminate as much stress as possible.


Being mindful of your own needs is essential, and focusing on self-care will help reduce stress and anxiety tremendously.

Some forms of self-care include maintaining a balanced diet and sustaining a healthy sleep schedule but indulging in pampering is often overlooked.

Pampering does not have to break the bank. Forget spa days or trips away; you can easily indulge in pampering at home:

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  • Take a hot bath or shower;
  • Pop on a face mask and read your favourite book;
  • Light some candles and listen to a meditation podcast;
  • Treat yourself to your favourite home-cooked meal.

Although the thought of exercise can sometimes be exhausting, with long workdays feeling tiring enough, finding the time to get a good workout in can often be the release from a lot of pent-up stress.

Sometimes getting past the mental barrier of doing physical activity is the only thing holding you back from releasing tension and endorphins, aka the body’s natural painkillers.

  • Go on a walk – Whether with friends, family or just by yourself, getting out for some fresh air and moving your body will work wonders.
  • Take part in a local exercise class – there are many different options, such as low-intensity Yoga and Pilates, which are great options if you do not want to do an intense workout.
  • Take part in an online exercise class! – if physically leaving the house to exercise fills you with dread, you will be pleased to know there are thousands of online classes and pre-recorded free videos of workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home.
Listen to music

Listening to music gives the brain a total workout, and we all know how vital brain health is. By listening to music, you can:

  • Reduce blood pressure;
  • Improve memory;
  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Improve sleep quality.

Not only can it reduce stress, but it can elevate moods and clear the way for emotional expression.

This is why it is great that there are so many genres of music to choose from; just pick whatever gets you out of a funk and makes you feel good.

Experiment with hobbies

By experimenting with hobbies that you might have put on the back burner, you are allowing your body to remind itself of something you enjoy and take pride in.

Hobbies are a great distraction and can be the perfect way to relax and forget about the stresses of everyday life.

If you are struggling to think of a hobby, it is never too late to find one.

By making a list of all the hobbies you would love to try, you are already one step closer to expanding your knowledge, widening your range of skills, keeping your brain working and mind off all things stressful.

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