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VIDEO: Managing a 750-cow dairy herd

When it comes to making money, the focus is on dairy.

That is the view of Rainer Acknermann, the CEO of Agrargesellschaft Griesheim, a typical mixed farming operation in Germany that has embrace technology.

A robotic milking system, which was installed on-farm in 2018, has positively impact both their herd and staff base, offering greater flexibility and efficiency.

“We decided in favour of robots because we wanted a stress-free milking experience for cows.”

Julie Scheit holds the position of herd manager on the 750-cow dairy farmer.

“The robot is now almost like a 65th cow in the herd. Cows no longer see it as a foreign object at all.” she explained.

“Cows can decide when they go to milking, when they eat and when they just want to lie down.”

Image and video source: Lely Youtube

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