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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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‘We are experts in everything to do with sheepdogs’

Having perfected their skills on the hills of Newport and the Andes, The Newport Shepherds are committed to caring for, protecting, and enhancing our nation’s heritage for future generations.

Paul Walker and Alan Moran’s sheepdog training and demonstration business offers a “unique” experience in West Mayo.

At the Newport Shepherds, immerse yourself in the world of sheepdogs and mountains, engage with rich heritage, and hear fascinating stories about how our ancestors adapted to working sheep in these mountains of the Wild Atlantic Way.

The duo told That’s Farming:

“We are experts in everything to do with sheepdogs. From a short demonstration suitable for all ages and backgrounds in our accessible paddock to the opportunity to experience the life of a shepherd in Ireland and even train your own dog using our proven methods, we offer everything.”

“Experience Irish traditions and the great outdoors and observe skills and methods that have been handed down through generations.”

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“You can also learn how important sheepdogs are in everyday life in Ireland and how they have been part of the history of humankind.”

Sheepdog training & boarding

The duo offers sheepdog training for all levels of experience and obedience. They claim that their methods have proven successful, both in the mountains and on the trial field.

“Many say that if sheepdogs didn’t exist, our civilisation would still be in its early stages.”

“The hills and mountains around us would not be farmed without dogs. This is their true value. Preserving the heritage of the Irish working sheepdog is our objective.”

Sheepdog demonstrations

Furthermore, you will see dogs in all stages of their training; puppies, started dogs and fully trained dogs.

Their interactive demonstrations involve historically exploring how the Border Collie breed developed in farming over the years, how these special work dogs are trained and how they learn.

You will also learn about the duo’s different breeds of sheep and the importance of their adaptation to the mountains, and much more.

Sheepdog training courses & experiences

Furthermore, you can learn how to train your sheepdog using their proven methods.

You can “experience the life of a shepherd in Ireland; complete daily chores with our sheep, starting sheepdogs, training them and getting them ready for farm work or the trial field”.

“We can also arrange a circuit of the best trials in Ireland for you,” they added.

Schools/colleges demonstrations

Moreover, Walker and Moran are currently on a nationwide mission to bring farming life and nature back into schools.

“Whether we bring our mobile show to your school or college, or you choose to come to visit us on our traditional sheep farm, we guarantee a memorable experience for all students of all ages.”

“We invite students to work hands-on with our sheepdogs. Book the Newport Shepherds and escape the classroom.”

Team building days

The Newport Shepherds claim they are “a great choice for a team looking for something a little different”.

Groups get to work with their highly trained sheepdogs, experience the thrill of having a sheepdog under their command and also get to try their own hand at sheep herding.


The Newport Shepherds are at the foot of the Nephin mountains, three kilometres from Newport on the Achill Road (F28 NY10) and the exhibition is signposted on The Wild Atlantic Way (N59).

The Great Western Greenway also runs adjacent to the centre, and there is ample parking for cars, buses, and bikes.

“We welcome you to join us for a truly unique and memorable experience for all ages and interests,” they concluded.

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