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5 pet-safe cleaning tips

Ivan Ivanov, spokesperson for End of Tenancy Cleaning, provides five pet-safe cleaning tips.

We are now quickly approaching the Christmas period, and families all around the UK are preparing their homes for the busiest time of the year.

Although many of the popular high-street cleaning products can give us the results we want, they are not so kind to pets, potentially putting them at risk of serious health problems.

This is often overlooked, especially during the busy Christmas period.

We can, however, make sure our pets enjoy this festive season with these five pet-safe cleaning tips.

  1. Make your own cleaning products

Products such as apple cider vinegar can be used to make your own cleaning solutions.

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Using an even ratio of water to vinegar creates a mixture to be used on windows, counters, diluting less for a more tough mess.

Baking soda and water can also create a cleaning solution for scrubbing jobs, such as a toilet.

  1. Keep the toilet lid down

Many instances of dogs ingesting bleach arise from our furry friends drinking out of recently cleaned toilets.

To ensure this does not happen, make sure to keep the lid down after cleaning and try to keep the bathroom door closed.

  1. Purchase pet-friendly home cleaning products

This small change in cleaning products can significantly reduce the risk of your pets needing urgent medical attention.

These products are made with pets in mind and does not contain the harmful substances which are often found in our commonly purchased cleaning products.

Pet-friendly home cleaning products can be purchased on Amazon or retailers such as Pets at Home.

  1. Keep toxic products such as dishwasher tablets sealed in original packaging, preferably in a high cupboard.

Most dishwasher tablets come in sealable, click–closed boxes or bags.

This is extremely important to use as it can help prevent our pets from getting their paws on the pods. Be sure to keep them out of reach of your furry friends.

  1. Invest in pet-safe laundry detergent

Due to most laundry detergents being highly concentrated and even remaining on fabrics after a wash, investing in a pet-safe detergent is important, and most pet stores will sell these.

If they are fragrance-free, they are safer for your pet.

You should always speak to your veterinarian about your pet’s specific needs.

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