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New panel of €5/straw 5-star bulls formed by ICBF

The G€N€ Ireland panel of high-replacement index beef bulls for autumn 2020 has been launched by the ICBF and the programme partners.

Bulls have been selected on their potential to deliver in two key areas, according to the federation, the first of which is to produce heifers which are fertile and will have an “adequate” level of milk.

In addition to this, they have been chosen on the basis of being capable to produce a heifer that will deliver a calf with good beef attributes for traits such as good growth rate and conformation.

Breeds that are currently available on the autumn panel include Angus, Charolais, Limousin and Simmental.

Additional breeds may be added to the programme during at a later stage, the federation confirmed.

Semen from the panel of high-replacement index sires is priced at €5/straw, while technician charges may also occur.

AI straws will be delivered to the farmer’s tank or the technician of their choice.

ICBF notes the potential to sell some progeny back to ICBF for future performance testing at the Tully Beef Test Centre and “freedom to choose from whatever combination of bulls and breeds” that you require from the catalogue” as some of the benefits of the programme.

Autumn 2020 panel

It stressed that it is not recommended to use G€N€ IR€LAND bulls on maiden heifers.

Code Breed Name Breeder Replacement € Beef cow calving difficulty % Nominated by
LM6172 LM Erebos Alain Belloc, France 132 2.8 NCBC
CH6367 CH Docile Scea Elevage Gougeon, France 132 6.2 NCBC
AA6331 AA Deelish Shotgun Michael Dullea, Cork 126 1.4 NCBC
SI4590 SI Shiloh Hot Rod Hugh Murray, Westmeath 121 4.8 NCBC
LM6370 LM Ildira M. Leonard, France 117 4.9 NCBC
CH5980 CH Jalabert Earl Cezard, Viviers, France 110 4.5 NCBC

The catalogue can be accessed here.


Further information on the bulls currently available and a copy of the order form which must be signed to avail of the straws, are available below.

If you are interested in participating in the G€N€ IR€LAND Beef programme 2020, or have any questions in relation to the programme, contact ICBF on: 023-8820452 or email – [email protected]

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