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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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VIDEO: ‘High-end’ slurry equipment from the Netherlands hits the Irish market

New machinery distributor, Reesink Agri, has entered the Irish market with Kaweco high-end slurry equipment from the Netherlands.

Dutch company, Royal Reesink, is an international distributor and service provider in the field of high-quality machinery, components and services in agriculture, landscape maintenance, Turfcare and warehouse equipment.

The 238-year-old Dutch giant was founded by Hendrik Reesink as a one-man operation in the Netherlands in 1786 and today employs over 2,500 people in around 40 subsidiaries worldwide.

Tomás Cooney (general manager) explained that the new Reesink Agri Division in Ireland will run alongside their existing Turfcare division in Nurney Co. Kildare.

The first product they are introducing is the Kaweco range of high-end slurry equipment from the Netherlands.

With a rich history, Kaweco has been producing slurry tanks in its plant in Hengelo since 1969 and is part of the wider Royal Reesink Group.

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They excel at producing high-end specialized slurry tanks for intensive users and contractors looking to maximise output and efficiency.

They also specialise in slurry injection with applicator options of up to 12 metres wide for both tillage and grassland.

He went on to explain that with splash plate slurry spreading outlawed in the Netherlands since 1992, both tanker technology and application methods have reached a more advanced level there with 95% of slurry now applied through injection.

Dutch regulations also oblige farmers to record all slurry application details on a central database.

With regulations also tightening here, it is something Irish farmers are also expecting to see introduced in the future, the firm said.

There is a wealth of knowledge within Kaweco that we look forward to introducing to the Irish market he noted.

He further explained that we are facing similar challenges today to those the Dutch experienced over 20 years ago, where farmers “become more interested and appreciate the true value of slurry with a focus on reduced nitrogen and chemical fertiliser use they appreciate that precision application coupled with higher output makes a big difference environmentally and economically”.

“From an Irish context, using injection will allow dairy farmers to make better use of slurry and reduce chemical fertiliser usage to grow grass for silage and grazing with the added benefits of reducing costs and pressure on storage facilities.”

Kaweco slurry tank range

Kaweco produces a wide range of tanks to meet all customer needs including trailed, goose neck and self-propelled units.

The Profi I, II and III trailed tanker range varies in size from 2200 to 7000 gallons with single, twin, tandem and tridem axle options available.

Trailing shoe options are available from 6 to 30m and disc injector models are from 5.6 to 12m for tillage and grassland applications.

At the Irish launch event this week, the company were using a twin axle KAWECO PROFI II 4000-gallon contractor model tank with a Liftmax premium linkage system, enabling the machine to be used with both a 15m Bomech Trailing shoe and a Kaweco Opti-Ject 8m Disc Injector offering contractors plenty of flexibility depending on their customers’ needs.

Most tanks are built to order, and the integrated chassis and modular build of the tank makes it very easy to add additional options at a later stage.

The machine is divided into two compartments and empties from the back first keeping weight applied on the tractor ensuring better balance and traction.

Other features

Other notable features are the rotary lube pump which is positioned under the machine for maximum filling and unloading capacity. The Maxifiller option also increases the pump’s capacity by reducing the under pressure and extending its service interval.

The flowmeter is mounted vertically to ensure a more even flow of slurry at start up and in combination with the Isobus system, it ensures slurry flow is automatically regulated in conjunction with tractor forward speed and PTO rpm.

The stone catcher is also fitted with a macerator, which ensures slurry is filtered before entering the pump, ensuring a longer life span and that no foreign objects will get stuck in the distributor of the trailing shoe or the injector.

The 3-way valve on the back of the tank also ensures that the applicator is immediately filled with slurry at start-up.

The unit is equipped for Isobus control through the tractor terminal or separately through the Kaweco touchscreen terminal which can be used in conjunction with joystick controls.

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