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Inside the mind of a farmer’s child

New generations of young farmers are coming through all the time, with a lot of them inheriting land from their parents or a relative.

These farmers have spent much of their time working alongside their predecessors to prepare them for when their day comes along – some have better experiences of this than others.

While waiting for that opportunity to arise, here are some of the thoughts that may go through their head:

  1. “I’ll remember that when I’m choosing your retirement home.”
  2. “Will you just let me come home already.”
  3. “No dad, I promise I won’t sell the land…”
  4. “I don’t know where he got this love for hardship.”
  5. “Just because it worked 40 years ago doesn’t mean it will work now.”
  6. “A new tractor would be nice…”
  7. “Right, I’m off to New Zealand. See you in 10 years.”
  8. “Is there really any money in this?”
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