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Hynes family are successful in battle against PETA UK

After a long process and a commendable effort by the Hynes family in their battle against PETA UK, the dairy farming family have finally achieved what they were fighting for by getting the video of Georgina Hynes removed from PETA UK’s Twitter feed.

The family were informed of the news they had been waiting for yesterday morning (April 9th).

Controversy broke out within the Irish farming community on Twitter after it was discovered that PETA UK had used a video of 6-year-old Georgina Hynes to portray their own message about the exploitation of animals.

After weeks of online campaigns, radio debates and an online petition, the video has been removed from the PETA UK Twitter page thanks to the perseverance of the Hynes family.

Peter Hynes told That’s Farming: “We got an email to say the video was being removed and we were chuffed with the news. I think it’s a good moral victory for farmers.”

‘Positive light’ 

The fiasco gained attention all over the internet from both farmers and non-farmers. Peter said this victory has shed a positive light over the Irish farming community.

“We noticed a lot of non-farmers engaging with us over the last few weeks and they were disgusted with PETA. I think, in some ways, it has offered support to farming because it has opened people’s eyes to who is doing the right thing.”

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That’s Farming has contacted PETA UK for a comment on the latest event of the feud. At the time of writing, the animal rights activists have not responded to our invitation.

Image source: Peter Hynes Twitter

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