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List: 26 graduate beef sires unveiled by ICBF

A total of 26 bulls have featured on ICBF’s Gene Ireland graduate bull panel for March 2020.

The bulls have undergone a progeny test programme over the last number of years and now meet specified criteria (outlined below) to be considered a graduate bull, according to the federation.

The sires have;

  • A 5-star rating across the breed on replacement index;
  • Greater than 60% reliability on replacement index;
  • Greater than 80% reliability for beef cow calving difficulty.

Breeds include Simmental; Salers; Aubrac; Angus; Parthenaise; Piedmontese; Shorthorn; Limousin; Hereford and Charolais. The panel has an average replacement index of €143 at 70% reliability.


Code Breed Name Replacement Index (€) Repl Rel%
SI2152 Simmental

Curaheen Earp

€213 87
SA2153 Salers

Highfield Odran

€198 81
AU2155 Aubrac

Slaneymill Jack 687

€183 71
PI12157 Piedmontese

Kilree Leo

€176 61
AA2064 Angus

Carrigroe Kian

€168 68
KTM Salers

Knottown Michael

€164 79
LM4217 Limousin

Moondharrig Knell

€163 64
SI2158 Simmental

Seepa Fionn

€159 73
ZBZ Salers

Breffni Muzz

€156 71
AU2365 Aubrac



€152 63
SA2366 Salers

Carrentubber Pinocchio

€143 60
AA2063 Angus

Mogeely Evitas N265

€142 70
LZZ Simmental

Lisnacrann Demetrios

€140 85
GZJ Angus

Goulding Eamonn M251 Et

€134 63
KJG Simmental

Knockane Dag

€132 81
LM2151 Limousin

Ballygarvan Stud lke 

€130 71
AYH Parthenaise

Lisnagranchy Hulio

€123 72
EMS Shorthorn

Doon Erasmus (RLW)

€121 83
ETP Simmental

Curaheen Evolution P

€120 71
JJC Angus

Cairnmor John

€117 70
CH2154 Charolais

Polar Joe 2 

€116 66
SH2361 Shorthorn

Doon Gladiator (RO) (P) 

€115 61
KDZ Simmental

Curaheen Dickens

€114 82
SI2362 Simmental 



€114 66
HE2359 Hereford

Arlinstown Special 13th

€108 63
LM2150 Limousin

Castleview Immaginable

€107 70

[Source: ICBF]


The ICBF has stated that a limited supply of these bulls are available exclusively free-of-charge to pedigree breeders who are in WHPR (The Whole Herd Performance Recording Programme).

Any breeder in WHPR that wishes to order any of these bulls can call: 0238820452 or email – [email protected]

Pedigree breeders not in WHPR but wish to avail of these straws can do so by joining WHPR and completing a visit.

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