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Farmers ‘fighting a losing battle’ until ragwort is controlled

Ragwort is not being controlled by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) or the local authorities and seeds are spreading. 

That is the view of Fianna Fáil’s Paul Daly, who raised the matter during a debate last Friday (July 24th).

“Farmers, even with the best husbandry in the world, have lost control in their fields adjacent to roads because it is spreading from the roadside.” the senator stressed.

He said it is the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to oversee the control of this weed under the Noxious Weeds Act 1936.  

“However, based on discussing the issue with farmers and general observation, its prevalence is in fields close to roads and it is very prevalent on roadsides.”

‘Fighting a losing battle’

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“It is important that the leader communicates with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine which have responsibility.”

Officials, he added, need to communicate with TII, the local authorities and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

“Anyone who travels on a road will see this yellow weed and to the uninformed, it may look well.”

“It is a nice yellow weed to view but it is a noxious weed. Livestock and horses avoid eating it. If they eat it in a wilted or withered form after it has been cut, it is poisonous.”

“Until it [ragwort]is controlled on the roadsides and the verges, the farmers will be fighting a losing battle.” he added.

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