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Switching electricity providers to save money can be a painful and time-consuming process, but do it for you in a no-cost hassle-free way.

The website, which is the brainchild of Limerick native, Brendan Halpin, allows Irish customers to take advantage of the best available energy deals.

Customers, including farmers, only have to sign-up once and the platform organises the switch every year on their behalf, as reported by us here.

“All farmers are very busy and farm businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their costs.” explained Brendan Halpin, company founder and CEO.

“The first step any farmer can take to reduce energy cost is to ensure that the farm and house are on the best tariff.”

“If a farmer signs up with, we source and switch to the best deal for both their farm meter and household meter every year.” Brendan Halpin added.

€3,000 saved

The savings are real and come straight to the bottom line. An example is a dairy farmer in Cork who has switched via the platform.

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His farm meter spend was €8,500 and he saved €2,600 by switching to a new energy supplier. On his home meter, he saved another €400, bringing the total saving to €3,000, respectively.

How does it work?

Our readers

Webchat button is also now available on the company website, so farmers can schedule a free energy assessment which, according to Brendan Halpin, takes in the region of 15 minutes.

To check your eligibility or to sign-up, click here – That’s Farming’s readers should use the referral code ‘TFG2020’.

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