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Donkey rescued after being ‘tortured by 20 youths’

Members of An Garda Síochana and an animal welfare charity have rescued a donkey after it was after reportedly “tortured by 20 youths”.

The incident occurred in the Garryowen Green area of Co. Limerick on Tuesday (June 16th).

Eyewitness reports

In a post on social media, Limerick Animal Welfare explained that it received a report from an unnamed individual who claimed to have seen youths hitting the donkey with glass bottles.

“There are 3 of them on his back at the moment while others repeatedly hit and kick him. I think they shoved something up his nostril. 1 of them was holding his face and all of a sudden, he bolted and was screaming.” an eyewitness informed the animal welfare charity.

Limerick Animal Welfare contacted Gardaí, who arrived on-scene to assist with the rescue operation.

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In an update on Facebook on Wednesday (June 17th), the animal welfare charity said: “This donkey now has a name & a life of peace free from cruelty, neglect & being tormented.”

“Eli is now in foster where he will receive veterinary care & time to recover. Understandably, he is nervous and will recoil if only to raise a hand to stroke him.”

“Now is a very delicate time for Eli, he is emaciated and plain to see he has not received worming, Vaccinations or hoof care, all this treatment has to be administered slowly.”

Image source: Limerick Animal Welfare Facebook

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