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€10-€50/hd for Friesian bull calves for export at Tullow

Tullow Mart’s monthly continental sale attracted a large entry, according to its manager, Eric Driver, who reported a “very lively trade across the board”.

“Overall, a very lively trade in Tullow. Large sale with numbers starting to expand and plenty of custom for both store and forward-type cattle and also a lot of export activity for calves and for FR cows.”


Forward and beef-type Friesian bullocks sold from €1.80/kg, while Hereford and Aberdeen-Angus entries pushed up to €2.05/kg. Continental entries sold from €2.10/kg with up to €2.35/kg forked out for heavier-types.

“We saw a very lively trade for continentals, especially for those 500kg plus bullocks. A substantial farmer custom around the ring for lighter store bullocks.” Driver explained.

Hereford and Angus-types clicked from €1.95-€2.10/kg, while continentals went under the hammer from €2.15-€2.60/kg. The mart manager pointed out that some exceptional entries in the region of 380kg made close to €3.00/kg.


Driver noted that trade remained lively for beef and forward-type heifers, with butcher and factory activity at the ringside

Hereford and Angus entries clicked from €2.00/kg upwards, while continental heifers topped out at €2.40/kg.

“A big amount of farmer custom around the ring for lighter store heifers.” Driver added.

Plainer Hereford and Angus-types made from €2.00, with between €2.20-€2.80/kg forked out for quality stores.

Cull cows:

“A very lively trade for the cull cows, really setting the blaze again.” Feeding cows ‘out of the parlour’ sold from €150 upwards, with between to €350 and €400 with the kg paid for heavier, forward-types.

“We saw a very lively trade for the store cow-heifers. Younger cows sold up close to €500 with the kg with the heavier continental cows up to €850 with the kg and a very lively trade for those feeding-type cows.” Driver added.


In the calf ring, Hereford and Angus heifers pushed from €90 up to €200, depending on quality, while Hereford and Angus bulls climbed from €120-€260.

Continental bull calves peaked at €380, while continental heifers followed at €350. Friesian calves for export ranged from €10-€50, while stronger-types, aged 3-weeks plus, climbed to €110.

Image source: Tullow Mart – The proceeds from the sale of this heifer, which was donated by John Sheppard Jnr and family and sold for €1,340, went to Holy Angels Day Care Centre (Carlow).

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