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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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The ‘best imported genetics in the country’ under one roof

Summer Spectacular Sheep Sale at Tullow Mart 

Three pedigree sheep flocks from across the country have joined forces to host a ‘Summer Spectacular Sheep Sale’ next month.

A selection of Dutch Spotted, Swiss Valais, Blue Texel, and Badger Face Texel (Dassenkop) sheep will come under the hammer at Tullow Mart on May 2nd, 2022.

Organisers of the sale told That’s Farming that some of the best imported genetics in the country makes for an “exciting” opportunity to invest in some of the newest breeds available in Ireland.

The three consigners are:

  • Powervill Dutch Spotted Sheep;
  • Diamond Dassenkop and Blue Texel;
  • Quarrymount Swiss Valais.

Summer Spectacular Sheep Sale

Powervill Dutch Spotted Sheep

David and Michelle Power established Powervill Dutch Spotted Sheep in 2017 after importing five imported ewes and a ram from Joost Louter, which Philip Crowe had imported the previous year.

The Powervill flock is “genetically separate” from the rest of the country, with all their genetics coming from imported sheep from Holland

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The Powers told That’s Farming’s, Catherina Cunnane:

“Being part of the breed from when it was first introduced into the UK gave me great knowledge into who was exporting the best stock from Holland.”

“Joost Louter has exported ewe lambs to the UK, which have sold as ewes to a top of £20,000.”

“Our goal going forward is to bring the best stock from Holland and offer them all for sale, giving everyone a fair opportunity to build the best flock they can,” they added.

On the day, Powervill will offer the following for sale:

  • 12 hogget ewes, (11 imported);
  • 1 ewe and ewe lamb unit;
  • 1 dry ewe who gave 17 eggs in one flush last year;
  • 4 ewe lambs;
  • 3 ram lambs;
  • 1 imported hogget ram.
Diamond Dassenkop and Blue Texel

Meanwhile, Nigel Hogan and Vicki Rhodes established the Diamond flock in 2020.

To lay the foundations for their flock, they purchased their first Dassenkop females, including Tamtain Betty Boo for £2,450 from John Macgregor Scotland at the Carlisle online sale, Woodies Madonna at £1,500 from Stuard Wood Scotand at the Carlisle online sale as well as importing a ewe from Theo Van Deijne.

They then purchased the first male, Powerful Earthquake, from Philip Crowe Co Cavan, and he has proven to be a “very successful” breeder, according to Hogan and Rhodes.

Some of his progeny will be available in the sale.

In summer 2021, they acquired a new stock ram, Cleenagh Chopper, at Carlisle online sale from Clive and Rebecca Richardson.

They recently used him in an embryo transfer programme with his “very exciting” first progeny available at the sale.

Furthermore, in 2021, they established Diamond Blue Texels, purchasing Derg Ellie for £5,000 from Allen Short, Co. Omagh at the December Carlisle sale and a ram lamb, Derg Freddy Flinstone.

According to the breeders, this cross has proven to be “extremely successful” with the first progeny also catalogued.

Last autumn, they imported a cohort of Blue Texel in-lamb ewes from Theo Van Deijne, The Netherlands.

They lambed down “very successfully” with “extremely good quality lambs” that offer “completely new” genetics to Ireland that they will offer for sale.

The breeders told this publication:

“The Diamond flock has aimed to purchase the best stock and genetics available when establishing the flock.”

“In doing so, we will be able to offer for sale both sons and daughters of the best females in the flock.”

“Our aim, in doing so, is that these animals will breed very successfully for their new owner and help drive both the Badger Face Texel and Blue Texel breeds forward as we believe both breeds have a huge amount to offer.”

Quarrymount Swiss Valais

Lastly, Brian Matthew of the Quarrymount flock will offer a small number of “high quality” Valais Blacknose lambs, both male and female.

Brian established his Valais Blacknose alongside his very successful Beltex and Rouge flock by importing five pedigree ewes from the Austrian Alpine Regine.

All Brain’s Valaise sheep are from Swiss bloodlines. He noted that the Valais has become “increasingly popular”.

The breed, which has attained the name the ‘cutest sheep in the world’, is known for its beauty, docility, longevity and “great” liveweight gain.

Sale details

In total, approximately 50 lots, from three flocks, are available for sale, including:

  • Weaned ram lambs;
  • Weaned ewe lambs;
  • Hogget ewes;
  • Hogget rams;
  • Recipients with ewe lambs at foot;
  • Recipients with ram lambs at foot;
  • Pedigree ewes with lambs at foot.

Ringside and online bidding through MartEye; the sale will commence at 6 pm.

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