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Bonuses of up to 50c/kg for Angus cattle

Certified Irish Angus has announced the “highest-ever off-season bonus”, which members can avail of this spring.

The producer group will offer a bonus of 30c/kg for animals slaughtered between March 14th and May 16th, 2022.

Farmers must pre-book these animals before February 28th, 2022. This off-season bonus will be paid in addition to the Farm Quality Assurance bonus, which ranges from 12c-20c/kg/animal.

Charles Smith, general manager, Certified Irish Angus said the bonus would provide members with a “real opportunity”.

He stated that it would help them offset the additional costs of feed and fertiliser and enable them to plan their spring beef production with “additional certainty”.

He believes today’s announcement will allow members to plan for spring 2022 with confidence.

Drumcrow Tribesman

This move is just one of a series of progressive initiatives Certified Irish Angus is rolling out. The primary aim is to provide additional value for members.

The group recently embarked on a breed improvement programme. The objective is to improve the environmental and economic sustainability of its 10,000 active farmer members.

This involved the purchase of a top-quality young bull (Drumcrow Tribesman), in partnership with Dovea Genetics, from the McKiernan family.

The bull will be available through AI to all its members to improve the quality of the animals they produce.

Certified Irish Angus also launched a new online portal for members last year. This allows them to book their Angus cattle for slaughter online.

By developing a unique API with ICBF, members, who have given ICBF data release, can also have access to a full listing of animals within their herd.

Furthermore, if they also have ICBF Herd Plus, they can access details of the terminal index of each animal as they make the booking, allowing them to assess the benefits of using “superior” Angus genetics.

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