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Use Dovea’s 3 sires in 1 straw range to maximise conception rates

Tipperary-based bovine genetics company, Dovea Genetics, has expanded its triple range offering, with some of the country’s leading sires.

Its triple semen straw range contains a combination of semen from three sires of one breed in each AI straw.

The development of the extended range, a spokesperson for the company told, follows last year’s “very positive feedback and success” for its triple semen straws.

The spokesperson explained: “As bovine semen suppliers, we are now pleased to offer four mixes which are available to our Irish customers.”

“Sperm from different bulls have varying capacitation times, so by pooling sperm from three different sires, there is an increased capacitation variability which overall leaves a greater opportunity to fertilise an oocyte.”

“Each semen mix features bulls of the same breed and shares similar figures for calving and gestation, with an aim to produce a consistent calf crop with the benefit of improved fertility rates in your females.”

“The triple ranges available are aimed towards cows/heifers which are not yet pregnant at the latter end of the breeding season, such as problem cows or later calving cows.”

“Dovea’s triple range can give you an improved chance of achieving higher conception rates which will tighten the calving spread the following spring and lead to more cows being calved earlier,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson then reviewed the company’s following triple mixes:

Dovea Genetics Triple Range: “Ireland’s shortest gestation, easy calving, proven triple mix” consisting of:

  • Kealkil Prime Lad (AA4743) with €181 DBI
  • Kilmacanann Philip (AA5373), The Netherland’s easiest calving Angus sire
  • Kealkil Stockman (AA7188), with just 279 days gestation

This newly released mix is made up of some of the shortest gestation Angus sires available on the market averaging just 279 days gestation.

This combination of extremely easy calving sires (averaging just 2.36% calving difficulty on cows) is also suitable for heifers and carries an average DBI of €153.

The spokesperson explained that: “This is a very effective mix to use towards the end of the breeding season to get cows in-calf.”

“It has the added benefit of short gestation, so cows should calve earlier and have a greater chance of going back in-calf the following season.”

Dovea Poster 1

Dovea Genetics Triple Blue

This mix is made up of:

  • The renowned An De Beauffaux (BB4438);
  • The easy calving Rathlyon Olaf (BB8226) at 7% on dairy cows;
  • The proven short gestation Affute De Thiboumont (BB4597).

This combination carries an average of just 8.5% calving difficulty on dairy cows, +31 Kg of carcass weight, an average gestation length of 282 days and an average DBI of €86.

Poster 2

Dovea Genetics Triple Limousin

Dovea’s triple Limousin also comprises “some of the greats”, including

  • Ewdenvale Ivor (LM2014), the proven Limousin all-rounder;
  • Carrowreagh Pablo (LM7077), the newly proven up and comer with 31Kg of carcass weight;
  • Brooklands Marco (LM5443), one of the shortest gestation Limousin sires on the market (top 1% within breed).

This mix of Dovea’s Limousin breed leaders boasts an average DBI of €153, an average calving difficulty of just 4.3% on dairy cows, +29 kg of carcass weight and an average gestation length of 287 days.

Poster 3

Dovea Genetics Triple Angus

Dovea Genetics also offer a second Angus triple mix with more emphasis on carcass traits. This mix is made up of:

  • Kilmacanann Philip (AA5217), the proven easiest calving Angus sire in The Netherlands;
  • Lisduff Leonardo (AA4305), top 2% for carcass conformation;
  • Keirsbeath Karma S539 (AA4638), with +16.2 Kg of carcass weight.

This combination carries an average calving difficulty of just 3.1% on dairy cows, an average gestation length of 282 days, +9 Kg of carcass weight and an average DBI of €86.

Poster 4

More information

To obtain further information, contact Dovea Genetics by phoning: 0504 21755 or visiting its website –

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