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VIDEO: ‘Have some respect’ – farmer

A farmer in Trinidad and Tobago has recently taken to social media to express his concerns over the lack of respect shown to farmers while they work hard to ensure the continuation of the supply of food.

The live video has gone viral in recent weeks, gaining over 60,000 views and 3,000 shares on Facebook.

‘Have some respect’

Rabindra Ramnarine said that no one is willing to provide adequate money to support farming, as farmers suffer but “continue to provide”. 

“We are the ones who continue to feed this nation. Would you like to drink oil and gas to live?”

“We weren’t the priority when all of your lives were good. Your life was good, getting foreign food. Now your life is in our hands and you go out there in the few vegetable stores and when you have to pay, you’re talking about farmers?”

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“We are the backbone of this nation, so have some respect,” he declared.

Video source: Rabindra Ramnarine Facebook

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