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VIDEO: Farm introduces yoga classes with cows

A free-range yogurt brand has launched cow yoga to get people motivated.  

With tackling obesity high up on the government’s agenda right now, Lancashire Farm Dairies is taking the innovative approach to give the nation an unlikely source of fit-spiration. 

A recent study revealed that during the pandemic, adults spent 40% of their waking hours in front of a screen streaming or watching TV.

The amount of physical activity undertaken by UK adults between March and June fell by over a quarter, with many concerned about the impact this will have on their health.

“On the other hand, cows – who have long been maligned as a lazy species – have been consistently, racking up distances of up to 10km a week.” 

“Yogis, were this week, invited to practice their tree poses in the stunning Lancashire countryside. With an idyllic backdrop of rolling hills, the unique yoga offers the grounding of effects of nature, met with the natural sounds and music of the cow comrades.”  

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‘The perfect activity’ 

Azhar Zouq, managing director at Lancashire Farm Dairies, said: “Whilst most of the world has been locked down, our cows, who produced more than 20 million litres of milk to create our yoghurts, have been as free to roam as ever.”

“Life does not stop on the farm and the animals have been keeping active whilst the rest of us came to a halt.”

“Now that tackling obesity is high on the government’s agenda, it is important to get exercise routines back on track and yoga is the perfect activity to get the public moving. Best of all, it’s a great way to enjoy the countryside and roam with these wonderful animals.” 

Visitors were not only guided through their cat cows and downward dog poses, in the idyllic setting of Paradise Farm, Lancashire, the yoghurt brand also treated participants to a Lancashire Farm yoghurt smoothie.  

With Lancashire Farm advocating free-range farming since its conception, the cow’s special treatment is far from basic.

The herd is even kept amused with music, winding down to artists from Mozart to Madonna before resting on individual mattress.  


The yoghurt brand will be announcing future cow yoga sessions and locations on its Facebook page.   

To find out more about Lancashire Farm Dairies and its products, please click here.  

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