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Vegan ads removed from buses after farmer outrage

A bus company in Northern Ireland has removed advertisements, which promote the vegan lifestyle, from its buses, following outrage from farmers.

The advert on the Translink Foyle Ulsterbus and some school buses read: ‘It’s not a personal choice when someone is killed, use plants not animals’.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU), which was contacted by a number of its members, said the adverts wrongly “demonises” the livestock industry to promote the vegan lifestyle.

In a statement, UFU president, Ivor Ferguson, said, “Our members, many of whom rely on the transportation service of Translink in rural areas and whose children take their buses to school, are outraged by the vegan adverts and contacted us to express their concerns.”

“A public service should be impartial on all matters but the vegan adverts on the Translink buses uses emotive language that singles out our local farmers and has the potential to do serious damage to our agriculture industry and the livelihood of our farming families.”

“Our produce is farmed to some of the highest environmental and animal welfare standards in the world so that consumers can enjoy quality food without worrying about what it contains or where it came from but Translink’s adverts dismisses the facts helping to perpetuate a negative narrative about eating meat and consuming dairy products.”

The UFU wrote to Translink regarding the vegan adverts and said they were “unsatisfied” by their response which reflected an inability to remove them.

“We respect all personal decisions when it comes to diets, but to demonise the livestock industry to promote another industry is wrong.”

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In a statement on Saturday, January 18th, a spokesperson for Translink said: “These bus-side advertisements are in the process of being removed.”

The spokesperson said that a third-party “media specialist” handled the advertisements.

Image source: Go Vegan World Facebook

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