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Trade for all lots slightly easier at Kilkenny

Some 900 cattle were presented for sale at Kilkenny Mart on Thursday (August 27th), according to George Candler.

The mart’s auctioneer reported that trade for all lots was slightly easier.

“The wet conditions, plus the drop in factory quotes, has dulled the trade somewhat, but quality lots are still selling well.”

“Some cattle are showing the effects of the weather. Poor ground conditions are not helping the trade.”


  • 600kgs+ – €1.60-€2.30/kg or €1,100-€1,710/head;
  • 500-600kgs – €1.50-€2.50/kg or €800-€1,310/head;
  • 400-500kgs – €1.50-€2.65/kg or €630-€1,300/head;
  • <400kgs – €1.50-€2.70/kg or €470-€980/head.


  • Beef-types – €1.70-€2.55/kg or €1,050-€1,300/head;
  • Forward stores – €1.60-€2.55/kg or €780-€1,180/head;
  • Light stores – €1.80-€2.50/kg or €400-€955/head.

Cull cows:

  • Friesians – €0.85-€1.70/kg;
  • Continentals – €1.20-€2.01/kg.
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