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Hedge-cutting season starts today

The hedge-cutting season opens from today (Tuesday, September 1st).

Landowners, farmers, and householders are being asked to ensure their roadside hedges and overhanging trees are cut and maintained so road users can travel safely.

The appeal comes after reports from road user regarding the overgrown state of hedgerows and overhanging trees on some rural roads.

Section 70 of the Roads Act 1993 places responsibility for the maintenance of roadside hedges on the owners/occupiers of the adjoining lands.

The season when hedge cutting is permitted under the Wildlife Act is between the start of September and the end of February the following year.

Landowners are reminded that Japanese Knotweed should not be cut. No ground disturbance should take place at these sites at any time of year. You are asked to report any instances of Japanese Knotweed to your local county council.

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‘Fail to cut and maintain roadside hedges’

Tom Gilligan, director of services with Mayo County Council, said: “While we would like to compliment the many landowners who maintain their roadside hedges, there is also a significant number of landowners / occupiers and householders who fail to cut and maintain their roadside hedges which can result in road safety issues on those roads.”

“We are calling on them to be more proactive over the next few months to ensure that their roadside hedges and overhanging trees are maintained properly as they are obliged to do under the law.”

This year, Mayo County Council is stepping up its awareness campaign at the start of September to remind landowners of their responsibilities.

This will include placing ads in local newspapers, on local radio and on the council’s website.

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