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Friesian bulls for export up €10-€15/head at Tullow

Tullow Mart’s weekly cattle sale attracted just over 500 entries, including 200 calves, on Friday, March 6th, according to Eric Driver.

“The cattle trade was hardening a little bit towards market concerns. I would, however, suggest a good lively trade for the lighter stores.” the mart manager explained.

“A large sale overall but the trade recognising the situation that we are currently meeting with the coronavirus.”


Heavier Friesian and Angus-types ranged from €1.85/kg with up to €2.20/kg forked out for continental entries.

“A very lively trade for quality, lighter store bullocks from 300kg to 420kg and they sold from €2.40/kg upwards to €3.00/kg.”


Beef and forward-type Hereford and Angus-types went under the hammer from €1.85/kg with up to €2.15/kg for continentals.

Hereford and Angus stores fetched from €1.90/kg, with between €2.20-€2.70/kg recorded for continental entries.

Cull cows:

Driver outlined that cull cows met a “good honest” trade throughout. Friesian cows, fresh-out-of-the-parlour, sold from €150 with the kg; heavier-type culls topped out at €800 over the weight.


Export-type calves improved by €10-€15/head, according to the mart manager, who explained that they sold from €25-€60/head.

Hereford and Angus heifers made from €80 for the lighter-types, with up to €200 for three-week-old entries.

Meanwhile, Hereford and Angus bulls pushed from €120-€300, while a top call of €350 was recorded for a continental bull calf.

Image source: Tullow Mart Facebook

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