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VIDEO: ‘I was to either have a relationship or the land’ – First Dates singleton

A farmer, who is a qualified carpenter, will feature in this week’s episode of First Dates Ireland in the hope of finding a match.

In a teaser clip – which RTÉ 2 has shared across social media – he explained that the pull of work and farming commitments led him to put romance on the backburner in recent years.

He explained: “I was in a relationship before. Like that, it was awkward. So, I was to either have a relationship or have the land. Like that, being the farmer’s son, I opted for the land, you know?”

“As time goes on, you kind of realise and say that look, the land will be there. And if you are happy, it does not matter where you have the land or not, you know?”

The singleton then discussed his time overseas in New Zealand, where he worked as a tractor operator.

“We are mad for driving tractors down our side, you know and silage. Mad for grass”, he laughed.”

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His date told him that travelling to New Zealand is on her bucket list, and he suggested that he could officiate as a tour guide.

First Dates Ireland 

John then discussed his previous work back home, which also enabled the pair to find more common ground.

“I used to work nights in the creamery in Kilconnell,” he told his date.

She then explained that she used “to go there every day as a kid”.

“My dad brought milk there every day, and I used to come in the car, like any day I was not at school,” she told John.

RTÉ2 has described John as “a dab hand on the farm”, but now he is “choosing land over love” and is “focussing his attention on finding a woman”.

First Dates Ireland screens on RTÉ 2 this Thursday (March 24th, 2022) at 9:30 pm.

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