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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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9 top farming YouTube channels to watch

In this article, Alisha Torres lists nine top farming YouTube channels that you could watch.  

Some people do not think of farmers as hard-working people who live in the fields anymore. Then there are also many novice farmers who do not know where to start or how best to choose equipment, etc.

The channels I have collected will help them reach the new-age hardworking farmers and learn from them.

Our search yielded nine Irish farming Youtube channels, each with a wide range of content. You can view the best small farm YouTube channels from a beginner’s or a connoisseur’s perspective.

It is worth remembering that some content and channels may be closed by geo-location. This is often found on the internet.

The best solution is to download VPN software to unblock the content. VPN hides your real IP address and replaces it with a virtual one from any other geo-location.

In addition, VPN protects your data from outsiders. We recommend using VeePN VPN. Now that blocked content will not stop you from watching videos; let’s start our top 9 best channels for newbie farmers.

How Farms Work

Ryan Custer, a 25-year-old Wisconsin farmer, is the subject of this article on farming for beginners. In 2008, he began posting videos to his channel.

A well-liked farming for beginners channel on the internet. Several beef and crop farms in southwestern Wisconsin are featured in this book.

Ryan demonstrates all aspects of farming, including equipment use, techniques, daily routines, and farming strategies, on his channel amongst our chosen farming Youtube channels.

Watch to see how a 1,200-acre farm operates on a daily basis and to see Ryan teaching his girlfriend how to operate a tractor. One million people have already viewed the video of Ryan emptying grain bins.

MN Millennial Farmer in Minnesota

Zach Johnson grew up on a Minnesota farm, the fifth in his family to do so. Farming and food myths are dispelled in his farming for beginners channel.

A collaborative conversation between farmers and consumers is what Zach hopes to achieve. Farming for beginners practices are examined and hot topics are discussed from the cab of his tractor in these videos.

On the channel, there are a lot of videos about agricultural machinery, including reviews and tutorials. Learn about GMO and see a variety of instructional videos on the proper use of equipment.

Peterson Farm Bros

Amongst the best small farm, YouTube channels are a trio of fifth-generation farmers from Kansas to entertain you with their stories and songs about their farm.

In terms of what you can expect to find on this channel among the farming YouTube channels, you will find everything from educational videos to spoofs of popular music.

As a result, the brothers want to show that there is always time for hard work, humour, and a few unexpected cover songs on a Midwest farm.

There are several parodies of ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Sexy, and I Know It’ in this video. The most recent video has been viewed 17 million times!

Welker Farms Inc

It is a family affair for Bob Welker, a third-generation farmer who is doing his best to pass the farm down to his two sons, Nick and Scott.

It has been owned and operated by the Welker family since 1912, when the original homestead was established in North Central Montana. Spring wheat, winter wheat, yellow peas, and lentils are among the crops they raise.

This channel has the most amazing farm videos. The brothers demonstrate how to fix old tractors and take stunning photos of the fields. They also review the latest technology.

To be inspired and learn how to take great photos and videos of your farm—Nick shows you exactly how he does it.

Farm Marketing Solutions

In Western Connecticut, John Saskovich and his wife relocated from New York to start a farm. They raise chickens, pigs, and sheep, as well as grow vegetables, hops, apples, and spices.

The Farm Marketing Solutions channel was created by John in order to inspire the next generation of farmers by starting a farming for beginners channel in the start, according to him.

As well as how to harvest, he also teaches his audience how to make money off of it. John transforms farmers into businesspeople and marketers.

How to Start a Farm with No Money is the most popular video on his channel. It is possible that you will want to start a business after watching this video. The manual is on the channel, by the way.

It is a must-see: Learn more about the promotion and organisation of business processes in order for beginners to understand farming for beginners and experienced farmers alike to better understand the subject matter.

Olly’s Farm

Olli, a farmer from Norfolk, England, is the narrator on this farming Youtube channel.

Amongst the best small farm, Youtube channels is Olly’s farm’s lively vlog chronicling the day-to-day activities on an English farm.

Tractors and other agricultural machinery are the primary focus. New models are discussed in detail by Olli, who also explains how to drive a few of them.

A Day In The Life Of A Farmer is Olli’s most popular video, in which he invites his subscribers to spend 15 minutes inside his farm and see what he does all day. To appreciate the British accent and a variety of farm machinery.

Ag PhD

Baltic, South Dakota residents Brian and Darren Hefty operate this farming Youtube channel. It is a family-owned farm that doubles as a massive test site for new products, machinery, and processes.

At the same time as improving farming operations and increasing yields, Ag PhD aims to improve soil fertility while also benefiting the environment.

Farm basics, iron talks, weed control, seed & planting, etc., are all subcategories of Brian and Darren’s videos.

A drain tile can help lower the water table, as can giving plants more oxygen. Soil sampling is also discussed in each weekly episode.

According to the hosts, the show focuses on the things farmers can control and improve, such as their yields.

The show is solely produced by Brian and Darren, who put in about four hours a week to the task. You can find out when the best time is to side-dress your corn and to get some pointers on how to make your farm better.

McCann’s Farm

Two women who grew up on a farm and decided to take over their family’s business are Anita and Nancy, respectively.

Most farming Youtube channels feature men as the main characters, with their wives occasionally joining in on the fun.

But here, things are quite different. Anita and Nancy operate their own tractors, harvest their own crops, and sell their wares at farmers’ markets.

In between all that, they cook, spend time with their families, throw parties, and interact with their followers on social media. Gardening, crafts, cooking, and CRAZY kids are all part of the channel’s focus, according to the female hosts.

To learn the secret recipe for the best blueberry pie and be inspired by these amazing women.

Hamiltonville Farm

On this farming Youtube channel is a sweet couple from northwest Florida named Hank and Gina. They have a YouTube channel dedicated to tractors, livestock, and love.

This best small farm Youtube channel provides a heartwarming look at life on a Hamiltonville farm through the eyes of a family vlog.

Everything is done by Hank and Gina themselves. Even an old hay barn was transformed into a stylish farmhouse.

They also talk about their daily lives on the farm, review agricultural equipment, show their animals and the best models of tractors, and reveal the secrets of marriage in their interviews.

There are not enough videos about tractors and family life rules out there, so this one is a must-see.

Off-Top YouTube Channels

If you are looking for more Youtube channels, take a look at these:

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