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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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10,000gns Geronimo tops Dutch Spotted export-eligible sale

Dutch Spotted Sale Report 

Headlining the Dutch Spotted Society’s first export-eligible sale at Swatragh Livestock Market on Friday, July 7th, 2023, was the 10,000gns Ballintur Geronimo from the flock of Seamus Killen.

By Tiptop Fancy Pants, who was acquired at the 2022 Carlisle premier sale, and out of imported ewe, EasyontheEye (IM1819), March 2023-born Geronimo (single ET) found his new home with Shortt & McAllister.

According to his breeder, Kileen, “he is the first ram lamb to be sold from our new stock ram and this mating offers new bloodlines”.

Second, on the price list was the 5,200gns Glencloy Goldenboy, the overall champion, male champion and first prize ram lamb, as tapped out by the pre-sale judge, Mr Dell Amson of the Sandstone flock.

The entry from Mr Liam Campbell stood second in his class at Balmoral Show in May and was snapped up by Mr Henry Jewitt, Sunnybank. The winning ram is out of a homebred ewe, Glencloy Emperess and is sired by an imported ram, Ellipsis.

Leading the female category at 4,000gns was Miss S McAllister’s shearling ewe, Artnagullion Foxtrot. Sired by the renowned Challoch Bearskin and out of Glencloy Dolly, Foxtrot found her home with a new breeder, Mark Priestley, Limestone.

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Mr Robert Nelson, Longfield, achieved the next three prices for his shearling rams.

All by Challoch Bearskin, Longfield Fablous is out of Highmead Edith and fell at 3,700gns to Roger Jones, Pentre.

Longfield Fernando, whose dam is Glencloy Brooklynn, found his new home with John McKay for 3,400gns. Lastly, Longfield Franklyn, a full brother to Fabulous, sold to Glenkeen Livestock for 3,000gns.

Other prices:

Shearling ewes:

  • 2,500gns – Longfield Fennix, Mr R Nelson

Ewe lambs:

  • 27 – 2,200gns – Johnstown Gigi, Mr CJ Johnston;
  • 14 – 1,800gns – Sandymount Grace, Mr A Park;
  • 10 – 1,500gns – Glencloy Gene, Mr L Campbell;
  • 29 – 1,500gns – Little Whisker Gillet, A&J Caron.

Ram lambs:

  • 67 – 2,800gns – Knockmult Gerrald, Mr R Millen;
  • 74 – 2,800gns – Johnstown Goliath, Mr CJ Johnston;
  • 42 – 1,900gns – Ballintur Ghost, Mr S Killen;
  • 38 – 1,550gns – Craigdoo Gambler, P & O Grant;
  • 40 – 1,500gns – Craigdoo Goliath, P & O Grant.

Show Results:


  • Female champion – 1stprize ewe lamb, P&O Grant
  • Reserve female champion – 1stprize shearling ewe, Mr R Nelson
  • Male Champion – 1stPrize Ram Lamb, Mr L Campbell
  • Reserve Male Champion – 1stPrize Shearling Ram, Mr R Nelson
  • Overall Champion – Male Champion & 1stPrize Ram Lamb, Mr Liam Campbell
  • Reserve Overall Champion – Reserve Male Champion & 1stPrize Shearling Ram, Mr R Nelson

Shearling Ewe

  • 1st: Longfield Fennix – 423/F00237, Mr R Nelson, Longfield;
  • 2nd: Artnagullion Foxtrot – 255/F05243, Miss S McAllister, Artnagullion;
  • 3rd: Filly – IM2382, A&J Carson, Little Whisker;
  • 4th: Longfield Farda – 423/F00236, Mr R Nelson, Longfield.

Ewe Lamb

  • 1st: Craigdoo Golden Girl – 288/G01067, P & O Grant, Craigdoo;
  • 2nd: Johnstown Goldie – 276/G00102, Mr CJ Johnston, Johnstown;
  • 3rd: Artnagullion Ginger Spice – 255/G05764, Miss S McAllister, Artnagullion;
  • 4th: Derryrouge Giddy – 229/G00604, A & C White, Derryrouge;
  • 5th: Derryrouge Greta – 229/G00602, A & C White, Derryrouge;
  • 6th: Tullynagown Greatness – 252/G00614, S & P Fee, Tullynagowan.

Shearling Ram

  • 1st: Longfield Fabulous – 423/F00225, Mr R Nelson, Longfield;
  • 2nd: Longfield Franklyan – 423/F00224, Mr R Nelson, Longfield;
  • 3rd: Knockmult Firecracker – 302/F02859, Mr R Millen, Knockmult;
  • 4th: Longfield Fernando – 423/F00227, Mr R Nelson, Longfield;
  • 5th: Crunagh Felix – 522/F00042, Mr M Reynolds, Crunagh.

Ram Lamb

  • 1st: Glencloy Goldenboy – 075/G02157, Mr L Campbell, Glencloy;
  • 2nd: Glencloy Gunner – 075/G021556, Mr L Campbell, Glencloy;
  • 3rd: Johnstown Goliath – 276/G00103, Mr CJ Johnston, Johnstown;
  • 4th: Knockmult Gerrald – 302/G02915, Mr R Millen, Knockmult;
  • 5th: Johnstown Grover – 276/G00093, Mr CJ Johnston, Johnstown;
  • 6th: Craigdoo Gambler – 288/G01077, P & O Grant, Craigdoo.

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