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Creed labelled ‘Minister for Meat Factories’

In response to what has been labelled as ‘Minister Creed’s latest attack on Sinn Féin’, Cavan/Monaghan TD Matt Carthy has criticised the focus of the Minister in recent times.

Carthy said if the Minister spent as much time tackling the unfair prices of meat factories as he does in attacking Sinn Féin, farmers would be in a much better position.

“Michael Creed has allowed beef processors to tighten their stranglehold on Irish agriculture during his tenure as Minister. Never slow to condemn farmers on the picket lines, he has consistently refused to face down the uncompetitive practices of the factories.”

“He stands over a system that allows a Sheikh from the United Arab Emirates to draw down €216,000 in Irish CAP payments, where farms associated with Larry Goodman receive almost €400,000, while most family farmers find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.”

‘Minister for Meat Factories’

Carthy continued to say that Creed has failed to tackle these inequalities or confront the meat processors and instead has focused his attention on attacks on Sinn Féin, leading him to label Creed “The Minister for Meat Factories.”

“Minister Creed and Fine Gael know that Sinn Féin is committed to delivering a policy platform that will revitalise family farming and our rural communities. These attacks on our party are just pathetic attempts to distract from his own failings,” the Sinn Féin TD concluded.

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