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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Offers of over €8 million sought for 496ac dairy and arable farm hits the farm

Savills is seeking offers of over £7,000,000 for its newest listing in the form of a 496ac dairy and arable farm in South Ayrshire, Scotland.

The farm is for sale through its Edinburgh branch with Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023, set as the closing date for offers.

The property comes for sale as a whole or up to four lots and includes a five-bedroom farmhouse, two semi-detached cottages and a range of buildings comprising garaging, log stores and general storage, modern farm buildings including a modern 30:30 parlour and 280 cubicles and Sandyford Cottages (two semi-detacheds, three bedrooms).

Sandyford Farmhouse sits centrally to the farm, adjacent to the farm buildings. An attractive courtyard of stone and slate buildings splits the farmhouse from the main workings of the dairy farm.

There is an extensive range of farm buildings including a modern 30:30 rapid exit milking parlour, cubicle accommodation for 280 cows, silage pits, a slurry store, an 8,000-litre milk tank and feed stores.

Meanwhile, a pair of semi-detached cottages are located a short distance from the farmyard. The land is dissected by two public roads and extends to 302-acres.

Historically, the land surrounding the core of the farm has been utilised for summer grazing and/or silage production, with the remaining land utilised for growing cereal crops such as wheat, barley, and maize.

There are additional outlying blocks of land within 5 miles of Sandyford, at Torcross (available in two lots) extending to 165-acres and at Smithfield extending to 28-acres, including a disused cubicle shed and a derelict traditional building on Burn Street, Tarbolton.

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Property for sale

Lots as follows:

  • 1 – Sandyford – A farmhouse, two cottages, farm buildings and land extending to 302-acres;
  • 2 – Torcross West – land extending to 78-acres;
  • 3 – Torcross East – land extending to 87-acres;
  • 4 – Smithfield – farm building, derelict building and land extending to 28-acres.
Sandyford Farmhouse

This is a red sandstone farmhouse under a slate roof, set within the traditional courtyard of buildings which provide privacy from the working farm.

The private tarred driveway leads from the public road and forks to access the farmhouse and courtyard or the farm buildings.

To the south and west of the farmhouse is a garden area, mostly laid to lawn with a greenhouse and borders filled with mature plants and shrubs, along with a patio area for outdoor dining.

In addition, there is a gated driveway to the front of the house, flanked by established hedgerows, leading directly from the road. The farmhouse benefits from spacious accommodation over two floors.

Sandyford Cottages 1 and 2

A pair of semi-detached cottages of brick and slate construction located approximately 100 metres northwest of the farm steading, just off the public road.

The cottages have mirrored layouts, both having three bedrooms and a bathroom.

The cottages have a garden and driveway to the front and drying lawns to the rear.

Farm Buildings

The farm buildings at Sandyford are purpose-built or adapted for dairy farm use.

Of particular note is the ability to leave the farmhouse and travel on foot to the parlour/cubicle shed with minimal need to step outside.

The modern farm buildings are well thought-out with a state-of-the-art milking parlour, cubicles for 280 cows, a slurry tower with a capacity for 360,000 gallons and two silage pits all accessed from a concrete yard area.

Land at Sandyford

The land within lot 1 extends to 302 acres and comprises 285 acres arable and 11 acres of pasture which is classified as Class 2 and 3 (1) by the James Hutton Institute for Soil Research.

The farm lies between 19 metres at its lowest point within field 1 and 44 metres above sea level at its highest point within field 16.

The land is generally flat lying and well-suited to being worked, according to the property firm, which noted that soil type is a mixture between mineral gleys and brown.

Typically, the land at Sandyford has been used to graze cattle and produce silage and in previous years, potatoes have been grown.

This year, there are more crops being grown on the farm as a result of the dispersal of the dairy herd in June.

Cropping includes winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley, winter barley and maize. Typical average yields are 3 to 4 tonnes per acre for winter crops and 2.5 to 3 tonnes for spring crops.

2 – Torcross West

Located approximately 3 miles northeast of Sandyford, to the south of the Westport Road which leads to Tarbolton, is lot 2 – Torcross West.

This lot comprises four fields extending to 77 acres of Grade 3(2) land.

The land is south facing, lying between 75 and 130 metres above sea level and is accessed from the roadside and interlinking gates.

It is currently used for to grow cereals such as barley and wheat, produce silage and livestock grazing.

3 – Torcross East

Adjoining Lot 2 to the east is Lot 3 – Torcross East, extending to 87 acres. It consists of two fields to the north of the public road and three fields to the south.

The farmland extending to 87-acres is utilised for silage production and livestock grazing.

The land sits between 100 and 132 metres above sea level and is predominantly Grade 3(2). The land is accessed directly from the public road.

4 – Smithfield

Smithfield is located within 1 mile east of the land at Torcross and is contiguous with the village of Tarbolton.

There is a disused steel portal frame cubicle shed with brickwork walls, concrete slatted floors and a corrugated roof.

Adjoining there is a derelict parlour, while a slurry pit sits to the east and a silage pit is located to the south.

Within this lot and adjacent to the farm building is a modern steel portal frame shed which is to be dismantled and removed.

In addition, to the west of this lot, and within the village of Tarbolton on Burns Road, there is a derelict stone and slate building which is included within the category C listing of the adjoining Old Townhouse. The building is also within a Conservation Area.

The land within lot 4 extends to 28 acres comprising five fields including 13 acres of arable and 12 acres of pasture.

Currently it is utilised for livestock grazing or haylage production and lies between 72 and 100 metres above sea level and is classified as predominantly Grade 3(2).

The land may have potential for long-term future development due to the proximity of the village of Tarbolton, according to the agents.

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