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How to get to the quality assured standard for remote Bord Bia audits

In this article, find out how you can prepare for remote Bord Bia audits.

Bord Bia audits are now being conducted remotely and this means that farmers are required to provide photos and records to their Bord Bia auditor, who then conducts the farm audit over the phone.

Lack of time, lack of incentive, and lack of awareness are major constraints faced by farmers in keeping records.

An Irish Agtech company, AgriNet, based in Kells Co Meath, provides a new efficient way to track records, create insightful reports, drive results, and all with a few clicks on a phone.


HerdApp is designed to help you have your herd up to the quality assured standard all-year-round. This includes all aspects of…

  • Record drugs for sheep and bovines
  • Scan drugs into HerdApp using barcodes
  • Dose an individual animal, or batch dose a group at dry off and dosing
  • Record animal remedy purchase receipts;
  • Also, record animal remedy usage records;
  • Record feeds as you purchase them;
  • Record sprays as you apply them;
  • Order missing tags electronically
  • Maintain your animal herd health plan (see sample below)
  • Display your movements in and out of the herd
  • List all knackery records
  • Have TB and brucellosis test dates in HerdApp synced from Agfood
  • Easily search the current herd profile

Bord Bia will send you a renewal letter outlining when your audit is due, the photos you will need to take, the farm records needed, as well as areas for improvement from your previous audit.

They will ask for photos of cattle housing facilities, feed storage areas, the medicine storage cabinet, your handling facilities, and your stock. Dairy farmers need to include some milking equipment.

AgriNet HerdApp ticks all of the boxes for compliance but also enables you to collect simple data that helps manage your herd efficiently.

The Bord Bia book is a thing of the past. There is no need to print reports, you can send all reports to your inspector straight from your phone. Everything is on the HerdApp.

More information 

You can click here to read about farmers who use AgriNet HerdApp.

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