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VIDEO: 270 pedigree Holstein cow farm with 2 robots

The Oakes family switched to feeding their herd of 270 pedigree Holstein cows with a Lely Vector in March 2019.

Innovation was nothing new to this Cheshire farm, as they already had two Lely Astronaut A4 automatic milking systems and a Lely Juno feed pusher, as well as running an AD plant from their farm.

Since installing the Lely Vector and beginning automatic feeding in March 2019, yields have risen from 39.4 litres/cow/day to 41.4 litres/cow/day.


“You can focus on what’s being fed exactly, to the kilo,” Anthony Oakes explained.

“I’ve come to see it as being a huge benefit from the fact that you’ve got such a handle on what every ration is costing you because you can put in that information on the cost of every ingredient and it’s working it out on a daily, monthly yearly basis.”

“The biggest thing for me, being the one who did most of the feeding, is it freed up a lot of my time. When you’re doing the same circuit around the building, it’s monotonous and repetitive and not productive in terms of my time.”

Video source: Lely YouTube

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