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Some customers verbally abusing supermarket staff over Covid-19 measures

A supermarket in Co. Cork has taken to social media to condemn a minority of their customers for recurring incidents that have happened during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Verbal abuse

In a recent statement, Supervalu Clonakilty commended staff for attending work every day, despite the daily risks associated with COVID-19, labelling them as “Our frontline. They are our heroes”. 

The incidents addressed by the supermarket relate to reports of verbal abuse to staff by customers when asked to observe social distancing guidelines in-store.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “While we have always welcomed our customers with open arms, our new requests to shop alone, to stand back, to be patient, are there to keep everyone safe.”

“While we accept that everybody is on edge given the ongoing restrictions, it is unfair and unacceptable to take frustrations out on people who are doing their utmost to give you their time and serve you.”

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‘The new normal’

They said that current restrictions will be the new normal for the foreseeable future and have asked customers to respect them, as well as respect their team members.

“While this request will only apply to a small minority of people, we would like to thank all our customers for shopping with us and look forward to better days,” the statement concluded.

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