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Photos: Sugar for a prolapse?

The owners of Manor Farm enlisted the help of their veterinary practitioner, when one of their heifers, which is close to calving, had a vaginal prolapse on January 27th.

The couple, who have a young family and have established their own farming and holiday-let business on the South Devon coast, blog about their “life on the farm” and capture “the laughs, challenges, adventures and opportunities” they face along the way.

Vaginal prolapse

In a post on their Facebook page on January 27th, they said: “Tonight, we had to get the vet out as one of our heifers who is very close to calving, has had a vaginal prolapse.”

“We got her in the crush and the vet started to try and push it back in. Despite having had an epidural, our girl was finding this understandably quite uncomfortable.”

“The vet then asked if we had sugar. She explained that sugar can help reduce the size of the prolapse and, therefore, makes it easier to push back in.”

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“This is something neither farmer or I had heard of before, proof that despite living and breathing this profession, you can and will never know everything.

“We grabbed some sugar and amazingly, she managed to get the prolapse back inside and finally stitch our girl back-up.”

“So, thanks to our lovely vets, St Boniface Veterinary Clinic, we’ve learned something new that can help us to better care for our animals in future and more importantly, our girl is feeling much better ready to hopefully safely deliver a healthy baby calf in the next few weeks.” the social media post concluded.


Image source: Manor Farm Facebook

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