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Sheep Trade: Weekly kill and base quotes increase

Base quotes for lambs have increased by 10-20c/kg on last week’s levels, with between €5.05-€5.20/kg now available.

It has been reported that quality-lambs are making between €5.40-€5.50/kg to 21.5kgs, with some producer groups receiving close to €5.60/kg.

Quotes for cull ewes are remaining stable with €2.60-€2.90/kg on the table.


The national sheep kill for the week commencing Monday, August 24th stood at 60,507 head, according to the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine’s database.

    • Lambs/hoggets: 104;
    • Spring lambs: 51,355;
    • Ewes and rams: 9,044;
    • Light lambs: 4.

Total [Excludes this week’s throughput]:

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    • Lambs/hoggets: 787,709;
    • Spring lambs: 848,599;
    • Ewes and rams: 236,280;
    • Light lambs: 51;
    • Total: 1,872,639.


According to the database, 61,942 sheep were presented for slaughter during the corresponding week last year, which brought the cumulative kill for the year-to-date at that time to 1,787,787 head.

The kill for the year-to-date is running 84,852 head higher than last year, with 36,874 more lambs/hoggets slaughtered and 72,793 more spring lambs; however, 24,505 fewer rams and ewes have been processed in DAFM-approved plants, with 310 fewer light lambs also killed.

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