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Inside the mind of a bull

Often the forgotten animal on many farms, as he only earns his keep for a few weeks in the summer.

We must remember, bulls are cattle too and deserve the same level of respect and consideration.

For that reason, let’s take a look inside the mind of a bull, to see how he’s really feeling.

  • January: “The boredom is killing me”;
  • February: “I can almost smell the summer”;
  • March: “Is it time to go yet?”;
  • April: “Would you mind if I knocked that wire?”;
  • May: “Why is that guy doing my job?”;
  • June: “Right ladies, who is up first?”;
  • July: “Jesus, I’m wrecked”;
  • August: “Just because they are moving field doesn’t mean I’m going with them”;
  • September: “The bachelor pad looks different”;
  • October: “I’m getting hungry”;
  • November: “Bad enough that you’re putting me inside, you want to dose me as well?”;
  • December: “Ah well, at least it’s dry.”
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