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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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New ‘Grass and Crops’ service expected to manage 10 million acres within 5 years

Herdwatch aims to help manage the world’s farmland with the release of a new field-focused service, Grass & Crops.

This is available worldwide as part of the Herdwatch app and will allow farmers to maintain digital field records and help with grass planning and crop management.
It will be formally launched at this year’s National Ploughing Championships and Herdwatch estimates it will be used to manage 10 million acres within 5 years.

According to Herdwatch, some of the key benefits to farmers of the Grass & Crops service include:

  • Digital field records available in a farmer’s pocket at all times;
  • Instant access to easy-to-understand soil health data;
  • Track NPK usage at a field level;
  • Tracking of seeding events, crop health and yields;
  • High-resolution maps to visualise land management plans;
  • Maintaining sprays and fertiliser records, to manage costs as well as for compliance;
  • Creating field jobs and reminders for upcoming tasks;
  • Can be used by multiple users, to access multiple holdings, on multiple devices.

Grass & Crops

Grass & Crops has been in development by Herdwatch for the last year, following the recent multimillion investment into the company led by Renatus Capital Partners.

The new service has been shortlisted for the forthcoming Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Award.

Herdwatch previously received this award following their launch almost 10 years ago.

Grass & Crops will be available in over 170 countries across the world and its launch follows the global rollout of Herdwatch’s sheep and goat management solution, Flockwatch, which has already been used in 110 countries including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Ukraine.


Over 20,000 farms in Ireland and the UK currently use Herdwatch, which was co-founded by Fabien Peyaud and FRS Network in 2014.

“We believe farmers, in particular, livestock farmers, have been looking for a land management service like Grass & Crops and that the need for this service applies both domestically and internationally,” said Fabien Peyaud, CEO and co-founder of Herdwatch.

“It will help farmers worldwide achieve higher grass and crop yields with fewer inputs, while improving soil health and enhancing biodiversity. All within a simple, easy-to-use app.”

Grass & Crops will enable farmers to make better decisions and save money on inputs whilst producing more. In addition, the new service will also help farmers across the globe meet environmental challenges and stay compliant by measuring both what they put into and take off their fields.”

“This solution will be fully integrated with our existing livestock management solution for cattle, sheep and goat, in the same app.”

“Looking at the world farm software market no other land management service like this exists. We believe there will be significant international demand and, combined with the global use of Flockwatch, it will help build up Herdwatch’s global customer base.

“Ultimately, farmers are business-people and we have seen that many farmers across the world are facing the same problems of a shortage of time or labour as well as considerable challenges from increased prices for key inputs such as fertiliser and fuel.”

Grass & Crops addresses these issues and we are excited to see it further benefitting our users at home and abroad,” Peyaud concluded.

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