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Being a farmer’s daughter

24-year-old law graduate, Olivia Holt, writes about being a farmer’s daughter.

Being a farmer’s daughter

  1. Moving cows – you’re there to help and be shouted at. If anything goes wrong, it’s YOUR fault no matter what. So, make sure you’re not hungover!
  2. Texting around your farmer dad earns you a “just phone them” lecture, despite the fact he himself will never answer his phone.
  3. Whatever time you get in from your night out, you’re still milking in the morning.
  4. “Can you get up and give me a lift in the morning?” NOT a question – that’s a you’re getting up tomorrow and helping me. In fact, anything that’s a “can you” is actually a “you will”
  5. When asked “how much was that” either knock 50% off the actual price or go for the usual “oh in the sale only £20”
  6. COMPLETE silence in the house for the weather and for the news – leave the room to avoid a political debate.
  7. Parents on holiday = turn out everyday for the horses.
  8. Get your online shopping delivered to the shop down the road – not only is it free delivery, your dad will never know how much you order.
  9. Standing/playing on wrapped round bales is a sin.
  10. Checking the cows IS NOT a 20-minute job – It’s a 1-hour job that turns into a 3-hour one because he spots someone he knows and starts talking. (Avoid this job at all costs)
  11. Any guy that has a farm, works on a farm, likes cows or is saving for a house is a good match.
  12.  Despite the fact your dad probably hoped for a boy, he still loves you almost as much as his cows. 

Farm blog 

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