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Beef Plan’s national committees stood down

The Beef Plan Movement’s county AGMs, under its rules of governance, are due to be completed by January 15th, according to Eamon Corley and Hugh Doyle. 

In a statement to That’s Farming on Saturday, January 4th, Corley and Doyle stated that the completion of county AGMs will effectively create a national committee that will be in a position to take control of the representation of the organisation’s “grass root members” and their views nationally. 

“In with the current ongoing election process and internal restructuring of the organisation and review of certain matters requiring investigation and possibly disciplinary action, the personnel that publicly represent the organisation are changing.“

“The volunteer national committees relied upon this far and spokespeople for Beef Plan Movement have been stood down and no longer have the authority to conduct any matters on behalf of the organisation.”

“It is the desire of both the current chairpersons of Beef Plan Movement, namely Hugh Doyle and Eamon Corley, to unite the grass root members of Beef Plan Movement and to unite the soon-to-be elected representatives of the organisation to ensure effective negotiation on behalf of such members at county and national level.”

“The organisation will then drive forward with one strong, effective and unified voice that will strive to protect and support the livelihoods of all beef farmers of Ireland and hopefully, protect and support the social fabric of rural Ireland.” the statement concluded. 

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