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Catherina Cunnane
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DAFM launch new app for sheep farmers’ livestock movements

Sheep farmers can now notify their farm-to-farm movements online under phase one of a new digital application launched by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine, on Wednesday, September 20th, 2023.

The app, which is named ‘AIM Services’, when fully rolled out, will allow keepers to notify all livestock movements directly to the DAFM without the use of paper.

Farmers will no longer need to post the ‘pink copy’ of the dispatch document to their local RVO (Regional Veterinary Office).

The mechanism for notifying these movements through the app will mirror the current paper system.

AIM Services

As is currently the case, the responsibility for notifying such movements rests with the receiving keeper.

To submit a digital movement, the receiving keeper will download the app onto their mobile device.

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By following four simple steps, they will record information from the dispatch document that accompanied the animals to their farm.

Step 3 will involve submitting a photo of either the pink/white dispatch document that accompanied the animals.

An added practical benefit to the recipient keeper is that where a movement has been successfully notified via the app, they will no longer be required to post the pink copy of the dispatch document to their local DAFM Regional Offices, as is the case with the paper notification system.

They will, however, continue to be required to record the movement data and their flock register and to keep copies of the pink and white dispatch documents there for record-keeping purposes.

The use of AIM Services app is optional. Keepers who do not avail of the app must continue to notify sheep farm-to-farm movements onto their holding to their DAFM RVO in the usual manner.

The keeper of the source herd is similarly required to keep the yellow copy of the relevant dispatch document in their flock register for inspection purposes.

Minister McConalogue stated that it is his “ultimate goal” to provide all livestock keepers with a digital alternative to paper in notifying all required animal movement information directly to DAFM.

Minister McConalogue highlighted the benefit of the app in reducing the administrative burden on farmers.

He said that “posting forms is outdated, expensive and time-consuming”.

“The new AIM services app is a cost-effective and efficient way for sheep farmers to instantly report their farm-to-farm movements.”

“The immediacy of the notification will also further enhance our highly regarded animal traceability systems”.

App development

Further development of the app is planned for later in 2023.

This will allow sheep (and goat) keepers to complete their 2023 annual census through the app.

It is expected that the AIM Services portal will be extended to other sheep movements and to other species throughout 2024 and beyond.

The app is now available for download from the DAFM website by all registered sheep keepers with an active agfood.ie keeper account.

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