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‘The Procut 320 has been exported worldwide’

In this article, That’s Farming speaks to Fearghail Connolly, sales manager at Malone Farm Machinery, about its Procut 320, in this week’s farm machinery segment.  

Malone Farm Machinery’s ProCut 320 three-point linkage mower has been designed with a user-friendly insight which has enhanced its local, national, and international appeal.

The hydraulic pressurised system, which is unique to the west of Ireland-based firm, is proving popular amongst farmers and agricultural contractors alike.

Malone Farm Machinery commenced manufacturing disc mowers in 2007 and, in times gone by, has sold a range of disc mowers worldwide.

However, the firm has adapted its growing product portfolio to suit consumer needs.

“Since we began selling disc mowers, the market has changed dramatically over the years. When manufacturing mowers, we designed the Procut 320 to fall somewhere in the middle,” Fearghail Connolly, sales manager at Malone Farm Machinery, told That’s Farming.

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“Essentially, we wanted to establish a product that fell somewhere in between by introducing a mid-range mower.”

“We have a range of mowers, which covers everyone from the busy contractor to the smaller farmer.”

There are three ranges available: the product’s entry level includes the 2.1, 2.4 and 2.80 and the higher end of the range is the 3,000 MP to 3,400 MP.

Procut 320

The specially designed Procut 320 contains a range of unique features, such as:

  • Quick fit blades;
  • Folding cover for easy access to cutting bar;
  • Mechanical lock for transport;
  • Drive shield module;
  • Hydraulic flotation suspension;
  • Swath wheels;
  • Friction clutch and overrun protection;
  • Walterscheid driveline;
  • 4mm cranked heavy-duty blade;
  • Easy access to hitching of tractor to mower.
Unique design

He continued: “The Procut 320 is a shaft-driven machine. Comparatively, the entry-level mowers are bent driven.”

“In addition to this, the Procut 320 provides a heavier bed on a higher range. It is a high range, with a higher spec, providing top spec to those who need it most.”

“The target customer for a product such as this includes the dairy farmer, particularly, those who are interested in harvesting their own silage. As this mower is shaft driven, there is no clipping in the cutter bar.”

“The mower is an end-pivot mower, which pivots from the centre, providing improved flotation. There is no gathering of grass within the mower.”

Advantages of the Procut 320

The main advantage over other ranges, and in comparison to competitors, is the ability to adjust the pressure on the bed of the mower.

With other competitors’ mower ranges, you have to adjust using springs and spanners, as he explained.

With the Procut 320, the operator has the ability to adjust pressure on the bed of the mower from the comfort of the cab of the tractor.

“The bed of the mower is a long-span bed. The bed tray is bolted on and fully supported on the back. I would also like to mention, Malone Farm Machinery are the only company that provides a mower which provides a mower with a bed tray which is fully supported.”

“We do not do extras on our mowers. Elements such as lights and parking stands come as standard on the range.”

“The main reason farmers are interested in the Procut 320 is because they prefer a shaft-driven mower over a bent-driven one. A bent-driven mower does not have the capacity to hydraulically pressurise.”

Growing market

According to Connolly, the market for mowers is growing, as demonstrated by its increased export sales, and demand for its Procut 320.

“We have to listen to the Irish and UK export market. The main component that is driving the export market is affordability. The suitability of the product to each farmer’s needs is another factor.”

“The Procut 320 has been exported worldwide to countries such as New Zealand, Sweden, the UK, Holland, Iceland and America.”

One thing Fearghail advises that farmers bear in mind, is the size of the machine. “The Procut 320 is a big machine; it is 10.5ft long.”

“Farmers should be careful that the operator has extensive knowledge of operating machinery of such size, prior to using the machine.”

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