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Catherina Cunnane
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Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Woodmarsh dispersal grosses over €1.5m with prices to 19,000gns

The Woodmarsh Holstein dispersal – which could be considered one of the UK’s “largest and most successful” Holstein sales of recent years – grossed over £1.3 million.

The Gould family sold their entire Woodmarsh herd virtually, in conjunction with MartEye, from their farm in Bomere Heath, near Shrewsbury.

According to Norton & Brooksbank Auctioneers, over 500 cattle went under the hammer at the rate of one a minute.

Entries levelled at £2,600 per head, which they consider a “remarkable” average considering 160 animals were under a year old.

Buyers ranged throughout the UK from Scotland to Norfolk, West Wales, Cornwall, Northern Ireland, and “all points in between”. Furthermore, Republic of Ireland buyers snapped up over 40 animals.

In a “frenetic” day’s trading, five animals broke the five-figure barrier and 165 changed hands for 3,000 guineas or more.

Woodmarsh dispersal 

The Woodmarsh herd has a history of over 50 years and moved from its original home in Lancashire to Shropshire 26 years ago.

Since then, it established a reputation as “one of the country’s leading” herds, breeding several bulls to become successful proven sires in the Cogent and Genus studs.

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The herd has attained the highest standards in conformation (over 160 Ex & VG cows went through the ring), depth of pedigree, and production, with the current herd average being over 13,000kg at 4.5% fat and 3.24% protein.

More than 40 animals were giving over 50kg on sale day. Its success has been based on three cow families, in particular, the Lymes, Melodys and Zandras.

“There was no shortage of breeders wanting to secure one or more of these for their own herds,” the spokesperson added.

Rising to the top of the leaderboard at 19,000gs, was an “outstanding” milking heifer, Woodmarsh Sidekick Zandra 6 (VG-87 2yr), bred from 6 generations of Excellent cows and giving 46kg in her first lactation.

The winning bid was made by Michael George, buying for the family’s noted Brynhyfryd herd in Pembrokeshire.

The underbidder was John O’Connor, who had earlier purchased another star lots, Woodmarsh Impression Melody 17 (VG-88), a potential 6th generation Excellent second-calver giving over 64kg, for his and his brother Brian’s Bawnmore herd in Kanturk, Co Cork at 12,500gs.

James McNeil from the Cairnpat herd near Stranraer, forked out 16,000gs to secure the 88 pointed heifer, Woodmarsh Unix Ola 5 ET. She delivered over 11,000kg at 4.9% in her first lactation and is due again in January to Woodcrest King Doc.

The first animal to break the five-figure barrier was another 88 pointed Zandra, in-calf for her third in the spring to Wilder Dalliance. Henry Sanderson of the Sandley herd, paid 10,000gs, and Messrs Rees of the Anvil herd, near Aberystwyth, gave the same sum for another 46 kg heifer from the Melody family.

In-calf heifers

In-calf heifers sold for up to 5,200gns, with the price recorded for a Delaberge Pepper, daughter from the Barbie family. Alan Porter, Lisburn, Co Antrim was the successful purchaser here. Meanwhile, Khalfan Agri purchased 27 served and maiden heifers for export to the Middle East, including two at 5,000gs.

According to the auctioneers, heifer calves at foot were a “tremendous” trade, with most making four figures.

Entries sold for up to 7,000gs in this category, and hitting that mark was the daughter of the top-priced animal by King Doc, bought by Hannah Edwards, Ford Heath, Shrewsbury.

Averages at Woodmarsh dispersal:

  • 229 cows: £ 3,347-16;
  • 46 served heifers: £ 3,633.91;
  • 113 maiden heifers: £ 2,106.97;
  • 125 calves: £ 1,496.04;
  • 2 bulls: £ 2,625.00;
  • 515 head: £ 2,648.54.

Prices: Woodmarsh dispersal

235 W.Sidekick Zandra 6 (VG-87 2yr) J.W.C.George & Sons (Brynhyfryd) 19,000
169 W.Unix Ola 5 ET (VG-88 2yr) R.McNeil Ltd (Cairnpat) 16,000
123 W.Impression Melody 17 (VG-88) B & J.O’Connor (Bawnmore) 12,500
66 W.Impression Zandra (VG-88) G.H.Sanderson & Family (Sandley) 10,000
227 W.MVP Melody 5 (VG-86 2yr) L.E & P.M.Rees & Son (Anvil) 10,000
165 W.Elayo Melody Red 2 ET (VG-85 2yr) R.McNeil Ltd (Cairnpat)   8,000
212 W.MVP Lyme 4 (VG-86 2yr) L.E & P.M.Rees & Son (Anvil)   7,500
326 W.Rubicon Zandra 3 R.McNeil Ltd (Cairnpat)   7,500
201 W.1stClass Melody 7 (VG-87 2yr) L.E & P.M.Rees & Son (Anvil)   7,000
235 W.King Doc Zandra 7 Hannah Edwards   7,000
31 W.Abro Lyme (Ex-92) S.McCrystal (Gulladuff)   6,200
45 Cramar Swallow A Cutes ET (VG-88) B & J.O’Connor (Bawnmore)   6,000
45A W.Cyprus Cutes R.McNeil Ltd (Cairnpat)   6,000
145 W.Dorcy Melody 12 (VG-87) Martin Evans Farming Ltd (Priddbwll)   6,000
170 W.Unix Ola 4 ET (VG-87 2yr) J.Lomax & Son (Chorlton)   6,000
19 W.Silver Neoma (Ex-92) K.J & C.S.Wilson Ltd (Warnelview)   5,500
61 Sterndale Sender Zip (VG-88) W.W.Neilson (Overside)   5,400
173 W.MVP Prudence (VG-86 2yr) P & M.Timmis (Westvalley)   5,400
281 W.Pepper Barbie A.P.Porter (Drumport)   5,200
244 W.Spring Barbie 2 ET A.H.Wilson (Tregibby)   5,000
283 W.Silver Melody 12 Khalfan Agri- export to Middle East   5,000
284 W.Spring Barbie ET Khalfan Agri- export to Middle East   5,000
358 W.Pepper Zandra 7 A.Black (Keely)   5,000
399 W.King Doc Zandra 2 D.R & B.M.Thomas (Churchvale)   5,000
161 W.MVP Zandra 3 (VG-87 2yr) N.W.Roberts (Dulais)   4,800
174 W.MVP Shower (VG-86 2yr) Martin Evans Farming Ltd (Priddbwll)   4,800
245 W.MVP Barbie 3 ET F.G.Windsor & Son (Hendomen)   4,800
280 W.Unix Zandra 8 ET Khalfan Agri- export to Middle East   4,800
290 W.Sidekick Melody 4 Khalfan Agri- export to Middle East   4,800
273 W.Evolution Melody 2 A.L.Moore & Partners (Danevalley)   4,700
74 W.Control Melody 2 (VG-85) Martin Evans Farming Ltd (Priddbwll)   4,600
137 W.Seaver Lyme 2 (VG-85 2yr) Pinniger & Sons (Pinnupp)   4,600
156 W. Unix Melody 3 (VG-85) J.S.Bird (Bartonwood)   4,600
167 W.Secretariat Neoma (VG-86 2yr) J.M & S.C.Wadsworth (Mourneview)   4,600
171 W.Unix Ola 3 ET (VG-86 2yr) N & S.McCann (Simlahill)   4,600
277 W.Rubicon Ghost ET A.L.Moore & Partners (Danevalley)   4,600
70 W.Doorman Zandra 8 ET (Ex-92) ML Farming (Crystalclear)   4,500
77 W.Impression Edda 3 (Ex-91) P.J.Waring & Son (Winton)   4,500
131 W.Seaver Melody 5 (VG-87) R.L.Edwards (Delacre)   4,500
204 W.Sidekick Zandra (VG-87 2yr) B & I.Carr (Iford)   4,500
246 W.Rubicon Ghost 2 ET C.Thomasson & Son (Norville)   4,500
54 W.Dorcy Melody 7 (Ex-91) R.McNeil Ltd (Cairnpat)   4,400
55 W.Cayle Melody 2 (Ex-92) Pinniger & Sons (Pinnupp)   4,400
143 W.Unix Zandra ET (VG-87 2yr) K.J & C.S.Wilson Ltd (Warnelview)   4,400
108 W.Shottle Lyme 2 ET (VG-87) J.O.Williams Farming (Rosehip)   4,300
194A Lynholme Doorman Elegance R.Stewart   4,300
278 W.Pepper Zandra Khalfan Agri- export to Middle East   4,200
402 W.Orbit Zandra B B Farms (BB)   4,200
370 W.Rubicon Neoma 2 A & C.McAufield (Lissue)   4,200
38 W.Guarini Ghost (Ex-90) R & M.Scott (Nethervalley)   4,100
65 W.Impression Melody 6 (VG-89) N.W.Roberts (Dulais)   4,000
104 W.Mincio Countess (VG-88) R.McNeil Ltd (Cairnpat)   4,000
118 W.Impression Melody 12 ET (VG-88) Winsbury Livestock Ltd (Chirbury)   4,000
189 W.MVP Melody 2 (VG-86 2yr) Pinniger & Sons (Pinnupp)   4,000
192 W.Secretariat Zandra 4 (VG-87 2yr) N.W.Roberts (Dulais)   4,000
216 W.Sidekick Lyme (VG-86 2yr) Pinniger & Sons (Pinnupp)   4,000
250 W.Spring Zandra 4 W.P & E.G.Williams (Waliswood)   4,000
255 W.Spring Zandra D.J.B.Thomas & Son (Gelliddu)   4,000
257 W.Spring Zandra 8 Rowlands & Lewis (Llancourt)   4,000
287 W.Pepper Melody 2 Khalfan Agri- export to Middle East   4,000
288 W.Sidekick Apple Khalfan Agri- export to Middle East   4,000
329 W.Swingman Melody Red S.McCrystal (Gulladuff)   4,000


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