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VIDEO: ‘The rear door opens and closes in less than 5 seconds’

VariPack Plus is a new Krone development that “sets a new standard” for bale density and throughput in the high-performance and professional round baler sector.

The line-up comprises of four models – the VariPack V 165, V 165 XC, VariPack V 190 and V 190 XC.

These feature many “heavy-duty components that are sourced from the high-capacity machines” enabling them to cope with heavy bales and maximum throughputs in straw and hay, according to the firm.

Simple by design, the machines appeal not only to contractors but also to individual, smaller farms, it said.

Bale diameters range from 80cm to 1.65m on the VariPack V 165 and from 80cm to 1.90m on the VariPack V 190 XC. Both models also have a cutting system as an option.

Other key features

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The bales are formed by four endless belts the pressure of which and the target bale diameter are set on the cab-based terminal.

Three softcore setting options allow operators to quickly and easily adjust the density and bale size to individual needs.

Another key feature is the rear door which opens and closes extremely fast in less than five seconds. A steering indicator is very useful for achieving consistent chamber fills allowing even inexperienced operators to produce well-shaped bales.

Well-proven and new components

The new VariPack has EasyFlow pick-up. Its design makes for particularly quiet running and offers great resistance to wear, according to the firm.

The 2,150mm work width ensures even wide swaths are gathered effectively.

The XC models also have a high-capacity integral rotor and a cutting system with 17 blades that are selected quickly to cut different crops.

The 530mm rotor diameter translates into high throughputs, handling even very voluminous swaths and the innovative combination of the camless pick-up and the integral rotor eliminates the need of many moving parts. As a result, VariPack stands out for minimal service and maintenance and minimum wear.

For an ideal performance and extremely low maintenance, the rotor and pick-up are driven by an oversize chain.

Precise, convenient and practical

The number of blades in action are selected on a shaft thanks to the standard-fit blade control system which enables either all 17 blades, half or none of them, Krone outlined.

Operators can remove the entire cutting unit from the crop flow and drop the floor hydraulically to remove a blockage. The material is not dropped to the ground and lost but it is fed into the bale chamber.

“Naturally, every blade is individually protected from overload and the blades are easily and quickly removed from the rear.”

Convenient and easy use is the priority on the wrapping unit which allows operators to insert a new net roll from either side. Net wrapping is a standard feature, twine tying is an option.

Another option is the chute for the net roll which takes the hard work out of roll replacement. The fixed net feeder makes for an easy and straightforward net feed.

Ease of maintenance

All chains are automatically lubricated during work and all drive chains are automatically tensioned. The sloping panels prevent build-up of grass, dust and debris.

The standard tyre size on VariPack is 15.0/55-17. Sizes 500/50-17 and 500/55-20 are available as options. All new VariPack models are ISOBUS-ready, which means they can be operated from one of the CCI ISOBUS terminals or any ISOBUS-compatible tractor terminal.

Those who prefer a simpler approach can choose the user-friendly Krone DS 100 or DS 500 control unit.

Accessories for these models include a moisture sensor, Tractor Implement Management (TIM) and a camera system for controlled bale ejection.

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