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VIDEO: Struggling with slurry storage?

With recent adverse weather conditions making fields unsuitable for grazing, many farms are struggling with slurry storage.

There’s a new product from Stallkamp that could help with this problem.

Manure separator

Stallkamp has developed the PSS 2.2-400 ComPress and launched it in 2019. The machine extracts the dry matter from slurry, leaving a nutrient-rich liquid. It sucks the slurry from the tank using a screw pump. The slurry then travels through a series of contaminant filters where it is separated into a liquid and a solid.

This machine is controlled electronically and is compact, according to the manufacturer. The chassis under the machine is optional, so the operator can choose to have it fixed or mobile for use on a number of tanks.

Storage issues

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Commenting on the product, John Tydeman from Tramspread said: “Storing slurry has been hard for many farmers this winter because rainfall has been so high.”
“Separating is a cost-effective way to reduce the overall volume of slurry. It also creates a more manageable solid manure and a better-quality liquid slurry that is easier to apply using dribble bars or a trailing shoe.

“The liquid only loses approximately 10% of its N, P and K value so is still a valuable input for grassland. It also benefits from the filtration process which removes potentially harmful impurities and helps grass to absorb the nutrients more efficiently.”


For further information on this product, click here.

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